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I tried to head out into the Alliance, so I could learn more about these freaks that showed up in OUR space a few centuries ago. I figured if I could learn more about them and tell my brethren what I learned, we could try and live more peacefully and create a greater balance in nature.

What a pain in the thumil they are!

These slobs are polluting every world they get their hooks into in search of the almighty credit. They are definitely in need of an education on resource management and natural balance. We know first hand what this untrammeled excess can do, but they'll never listen to us. I was hoping to get some allies with the other lizards in amongst those loons, but the Pythons, while sympathetic to my cause, are just too stupid to be useful. I have a lot of work to do.

General Knowledge

The Aeodronians are a race of bipedal salamander-like humanoids from the Fornax galaxy. Although reptilian in appearance, the salamanders are actually quite cunning and intelligent. The race as a whole is opposed to the Alliance and remains a thorn in the side of Galactic officials in this subsector. Some Aeodronians are those who have attempted to be assimilated into the Alliance way of life and do not necessarily follow the precepts of their race.

The Aeodronian home world has a thick oxygenated atmosphere and a substantial hydrosphere. The planet is a tropical paradise, lush and humid, possessing a variety of flora and fauna that covers 20% of the planet's surface area. Aeodronians live in harmony with their environment and it is suspected that the salamanders migrated from another world. Scientists theorize that the destruction of their original home world's biosphere, coupled with the forced and untimely migration to another planet, caused the Aeodronians to suffer a great technological setback. It is believed to have taken the salamanders thousands of years to reattain the same level of technological development.

The salamanders live in coastal cities made of coral outcroppings (reefs) and carry on all industry in environmentally safe factories and other facilities. All food is taken from the natural bounty of the sea. For most materials, such as metals, alloys, and hi-technology items, they trade with other races and worlds, rather than strip their own planet bare. Items for which they cannot trade, they take.

The Aeodronians have become scavengers and pillagers of this galaxy. They abhor the Alliance's methods of colonial exploitation, and are bitter enemies of its military. There is some hypocrisy in this statement, because the salamanders are known to pillage and plunder Alliance worlds. The Aeodronian presence presents a major strategic problem to Galactic Forces operating in this sector. Aeodronian raiding fleets harry Galactic convoys and supply routes, and attack worlds that the Aeodronians see as being raped of their natural resources. In the process of protecting that which they believe to be sacred, the Aeodronians take what they need in the way of goods and materials. Worlds which may be targets of Aeodronian raids often go out of their way to establish trade relations with these raiders.


The Aeodronian government is a militocracy run by the most powerful clanlord amongst the 26 clans. The Athyan (All-lord) has ultimate authority, although he is expected to select a group of advisors, known as the Many Eyes (Inbaltho), to act as a subordinate governmental body. Although the Eyes may suggest policy and strategy, it is the Athyan who makes all the final decisions. Every Aeodronian year (515 standard days) the new Athyan is selected on the basis of most victories, destruction of enemy property (particularly property that threatens natural locations), and how much plunder they have brought back to their world. It is also considered a great achievement to establish new trade relations with other worlds. Since these figures are kept in great detail by the government all year, selection of a new Athyan is usually not a difficult decision to come to.


Aeodronians live at total peace and balance with their world, seeing infringements on its natural state as a heinous crime. Therefore, the salamanders rely heavily on imported technology to facilitate operations. Pirating is carried out by the clans, which congregate under charismatic leaders and have no traditional or family ties. The only restriction on the clans is that there must be 26 of them at all times; no more, no less. The reason behind this restriction is uncertain, but it must tie into the historical/theological background of the race. The Aeodronians do not believe in a formal religion, but hold nature as the most respected and revered of all things. Technology is used to protect nature, not to destroy it, as is often the case with Alliance worlds. An Aeodronian is maddened by the sight of nature being exploited.


Perhaps thousands of years ago, though their historical records do not contain any details, the Aeodronians made an exodus from their dying home world. Why exactly remains a mystery, however cultural evidence suggests that they left their original home world due to the destruction of its environment. Upon arriving on Aedro, the salamanders suffered a technological calamity, and a span of thousands of years may have passed before they ascended to the technological level they maintain today. Aeodronians only use hi-tech equipment that they have commandeered, producing only necessary goods on their home world. Little more is known of this race's history.


Aeodronians find dry climates extremely uncomfortable. Prolonged exposure will lead to flaking and dry patches.


The one idiosyncrasy that stands out most about these guys is their overprotective ideals about nature. Small fleets of Aeodronian ships, striking out of hidden bases, have attacked worlds of heavy industrialization or mining. Although often outgunned, the Aeodronians are fearless fighters, and all Galactic forces in Fornax are aware of the tenacity of this formidable enemy. Aeodronians do not like dry environs and have a particular fear of deserts (see Physiological Makeup above).


Aeodronians stand about 1.4 meters in height and weigh an average of 76 kg. Their reddish-brown speckled skin is moist and very thick, providing this race a natural threshold. The salamanders wear moisture retaining and secreting skinsuits called Oelphs, which are very similar to the Nubs worn by Python Lizards. If an Aeodronian is out of contact with moisture (water) or without their Oelph for too long, they suffer serious physical ills, perhaps even falling into a catatonic state. The Oelph, for obvious reasons, is the most vital piece of equipment to these creatures, and they go nowhere without one or two. They have a terrible fear of deserts and will not go to such a locale.

The hands of salamanders have evolved four digits, one of which is an opposable thumb, allowing them to be adequate tool users. They are not, however, very dexterous. Their eyesight is not very keen, but they do have quite well developed thermal sensing. Aeodronian tongues are long and forked, flicking in and out continuously to test the air (this is how they smell). They speak most languages well, but with a very noticeable lisp. The salamanders are a carnivorous race, preferring the satisfying crunch of insects of all types, especially the large Ullma Beetle of their home world. Favorite beverages are concocted from distilled insect body fluids. Even Rams swoon at the stench of Aeodronian Ale.

The most amazing physiological aspect of the Aeodronians is their inherent ability to regenerate lost appendages. Within 3-4 weeks of losing an arm, leg, or tail, the Aeodronian usually grows a new one. Note that cyber-limbs are still quite possible, as the surgery to install such hardware can also insure that the limb will not regrow. Aeodronian warriors often demarcate themselves by having their tail removed and the stump seared to prevent regrowth. This does not affect balance, as it would other tailed races, because evolution has rendered the Aeodronian tail small and nonfunctional.

Favorite Item

An Aeodronian's favorite item will undoubtedly be his Oelph.


Besides an Oelph, Aeodronians tend to wear clothing made from natural sources, like the particularly strong and versatile kelp of their home world. When prepared correctly, kelp yields a very durable leather equivalent. Aeodronians make vests and boots out of this material, which is called Ewguth. All of their clothes are very utilitarian and drab in color. Only warriors (i.e. raiders) wear colorful clothing, which exists in the form of bandannas and scarves. All warrior clothing depicts a specific clan.


These dudes like to hang out on beautiful worlds and places of undeveloped (unspoiled) nature. There they reminisce about what their true home world must have been like, and reflect upon the fact that nature needs to be protected from the scourge of the Alliance. The salamanders prefer to be wallowing or swimming in a nice pool of warm water. On a long space flight they can be very annoying for the other crew members, as they will sit in the tub for hours, holding up the bathroom.


The cure for a cluttered mind is a hollowed out tree trunk.

Combat Tactics

Aeodronians use a variety of weapons gathered from different cultures during their raids. Most are of Alliance origin. They also use armor that they have collected in this fashion. Not being very prone to stand while fighting, (which really ticks off any Eridani that they run into), the Aeodronians use hit and run raids, and seldom engage in actual battles, especially those with unfavorable odds. Otherwise, it's anything goes when it comes to combat. The salamanders tend to be pretty fair however, unless you're an Alliance soldier, in which case you get 86'd.

General Occupation

Aeodronians are raiders and often traders, although the former occupation leaps to the minds of most people who know anything about this race.

Favorite Foods

Being vegetarians, many Aeodronians subscribe to the raw food movement. This leads to a love of nuts, particularly almonds. Kelp is also a favorite.


An Aeodronian would never keep a pet.

Aeodronian appears in:

No Man's Land


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Sample Names

(two short syllables with both syllables starting with a capital letter)
KranTak, MroKron, RakTar, SherNakh, Vwerpilarshus

Home World/System:


View on Alliance:

You don't want to hear what I have to say about this nefarious intergalactic entity. Your ears couldn't take the strain.

View on Family:

Family is good, but being in the clans is better. They help to build a better future for us all.

View on Life:

Life is an aspect of nature, and just as beautiful. Unfortunately, there are those who pollute their lives just like they pollute their environment. These %$$#@, the Alliance, are walking dead. They don't know the meaning of life.

View on Self:

I am the guardian of the natural order. I only use that which is provided for me. That which is not, I simply make available in a non-provisional way.

View on Universe:

Just one big part of the scheme of things. The universe is the playing ground of nature. Its integrity must be questioned and protected.

View on War:

War is not really a good thing, but a necessary part of the natural order. There will always be $#%@*&!# like the Alliance who think they need to push others around, or who have no concern for the implications of what they do.

Notable Statements

Save the whales, kill a Ram.What I can't get naturally will naturally be gotten by me.

Don't worry, I'll just grow another set of limbs!

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