Chatilian's Quote

They say I'm a whiny know-it-all phallic symbol with ears who constantly berates everyone for the slightest error that they might make. I am forever pointing out what someone has done wrong, and am equally as quick to point out what I do right. As a Chatilian, I usually suffer from megalomaniacal tendencies which cover up the fact that I am really quite insecure. Mutzachans are equally as smart or smarter, a fact that irritates the hell out of me. Socially, I don't do well. No one pays attention to my obvious greatness. Intelligence is the only true measure of an individual, and I'd rather be in the library sucking up and memorizing huge chunks of technical information, than wandering around the universe with a bunch of completely incompetent idiots who are destined to get me killed no matter what they do! Physically, I am feeble, and that sucks. All the other races are forever showing off their masculinity while I am forced to drag around some oversized pulse cannon which was designed with Ram Pythons in mind. Nevertheless, I am the clear choice to lead the party, since I'm undeniably superior to them in the first place.

General Knowledge

Although mockingly nicknamed "Asparagus Men", these guys are tough. They aren't liked very much, but most intelligent people don't mess with them. The Chatilians are from the planet Chatil in the Fomalhaut star system. They are frail, delicate-looking, greenish-blue beings with thin bodies and large, bullet-shaped heads. The skull is crowned with sensory nodes which allows these strange beings to generate matrices. Chatilians are herbivores. They have no real mouth; rather, they possess facial slits through which they strain their food intake.

The Chatilian Empaths communicate among themselves telepathically and have great difficulty learning to speak aloud. Although Empaths are innocuous looking, they are actually among the more dangerous and formidable opponents in the galaxies. Through the evolutionary process, they have developed psycho-kinetic power which allows them to harness and transmit psychic energy. This unusual ability is called "generating". Chatilian special powers are some of the most potent in the game. Their energy matrices are multi-faceted, allowing them to react differently to a variety of situations. Empaths employ psychic, illusionary, and sonic attack forms. High level Chatilians can actually crush the minds of their enemies.

The energy for generation is focused in the power crystal which a Chatilian always wears on a chain around his neck. Without the crystal, the Empath is impotent, so most Empaths carry a backup crystal, just in case they should lose the first one. An Empath has the innate ability to read the minds of any unprotected sentient being within 2m of his person. He must focus his attention on one person at a time.


Chatil is presently ruled by the aging King Atish Catam. The monarch's power and authority is balanced by the People's Parliament. Any law passed by the king must receive a 2/3 vote of support from the parliament, which is set up so that the representatives of each state hold votes in direct proportion to the amount of residents there. The Chatilian government will support the Alliance as long as its sovereignty is preserved. The Chatilian populace view outsiders with a mix of condescension and envy.


The culture is one of openness. This isn't because most Empaths want it that way, but be cause those who possess "The Power" (the Empaths make uparound 20% of the population) have the ability to actively read others' minds. Privacy is at a premium; most empaths want it, but can't seem to find it anywhere. The constant psychic-babble is intolerable to those who can't shut the noise out. Chatilians often hang out in closets and if you have lost your Chatilian, then I suggest that you go look for him there.

Take note that the Chatilian masses do not possess the ability to generate, and view "The Power" as something corrupt and decadent. They can only use their telepathic powers to communicate. Empaths, on the other hand, see the masses as inferior, and attempt to subjugate them to their naturally superior intellect. Consequently, the king (whose hereditary line possesses "The Power") must continuously seek to avert a civil war among his own people.


Lord Makov Chatil, the first Chatilian Empath, developed psycho-kinetic power around the year 12180 B.C. Awed and yet humbled, he took to the streets to teach the people. The knowledge of "The Power" spread and those who possessed this latent ability were called Illuminaries. They were the focus of both adulation and resentment within the Chatilian culture. Schools were set up to teach those blessed with the gift.

Upon Makov Chatil's death in 12097 B.C., Cashan of Lamir took the throne. He outlawed psychic power, denouncing it as the "Demon Thought", and began the systematic extermination of the Empaths. The Illuminaries fled for their lives, seeking refuge in the twisted labyrinthine passages of the Caves of Darkness. For decades they huddled in the desolation and many starved to death. Yet resolute was their determination to teach the young.

In 8911 B.C., after 3,100 years in darkness, the Illuminaries struck back, leading an attack on the Normals at the Palace of Patru. So began the Chatilian Civil War. Finally, 57 years later and at the cost of some 2,000,000 lives, the Illuminaries won the decisive Battle of the Morkudom.

Over the years, the wisdom Lord Makov Chatil brought to the Chatilian people has been lost, suppressed by the inherent distrust of Empaths toward each other. Moreover, the Chatilian society views itself as superior to the rest of its galactic counterparts. Empaths are greatly feared by the galactic masses who find them repulsive to look at and not very trustworthy (most individuals don't appreciate having their mind read). In 2111, the Galactic Alliance passed into law the Brain Trust Acts which contained the provision that all Chatilian Empaths must display their power crystal at all times. Failure to do so can result in imprisonment.


Tough as the Empaths are mentally, they can be hypnotized rather easily. The most notable means of hypnotizing a Chatilian is by playing the Souc Harp. This melodic instrument is somewhat similar to the ancient Earth equivalent.


Chatilians love to just hang out and think. There is nothing better than a little introspection. Empaths have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and they love libraries, finding them the most relaxing of all places to visit. Humans go to the movies on Sunday, while Chatilians take the kids to the library.

Empaths make a strange, high-pitched whining sound when they are agitated. The galactic masses call this the "Chatilian War Cry" and although they are normally difficult to arouse, an angered empath can be quite frightening. They secrete a yellow, viscous liquid that flows from the slits in their mouth while their huge eyes appear to bulge from the sockets. By the way, the Chatilian starts drooling right about the time he begins generating, and you begin dying.

Empaths whine more by nine o'clock than most people do all day!


These herbivores are inherently weak and their digestive system is such that they can survive by eating only plants, roots, and other strange goodies. Chatilians live to be 300 years old. Chatilians stand 1.2 - 1.5 m, and weight 27 - 49 kg.

Favorite Item

The Chatilian's favorite item is a Brain Scratcher. Why would anyone leave home without it?


The Empaths love the color green and wear it constantly. Chatilians like hats as well and there are hundreds of different types of head attire available.


Chatilians are not very social and generally prefer to be by themselves. Normally one can find them in isolated places where few travel. However, if in their company long enough, most adventurers find that Empaths continuously whine about the state of affairs and never shut up!

Every 5 years, all Chatilian empaths make a pilgrimage to the Caves of Darkness where they pay their respects at the Shrine of the Illuminaries.


The Chatilian Empath's home is very cozy, filled with a multitude of knick-knacks and other items that give their abode a feeling of warmth and comfort. All walls are psionic-proof so that the house is quiet even when everyone is home. Empaths love books and most affluent Chatilian homes contain a large library.

Combat Tactics

Chatilians prefer a surprise mental attack to take out the enemy without exposing themselves to harm. The majority of Empaths agree that using Resonant Structure on a target is the most fun! (The Chatilian generates a resonant frequency wave inside the enemies' skulls, causing their heads to explode).

Chatilians are difficult to surprise, especially when concentrating on an opponent who is less than 2m away. This is because they can read their opponent's mind and thus know what is coming up. This ability is nullified if the person has mental protection.

General Occupation

Empaths are generally employed as espionage and counterespionage agents for various spy networks. Their natural mind reading capacity makes them a valuable commodity and they can charge above the normal rate for their services as spies.

Favorite Foods

Despite their nickname Chatilians abhor vegetables. Their consumable of choice is liver. Don't ask me why.


Kalukie: A huge, six legged creature with bright green eyes, a shaggy mane, and a passive disposition. The Chatilians ride these intelligent animals and hold them in the highest regard. Many are able to communicate with their Kalukie.

Chronic Sleepwalkers: Chatilians are powerful dreamers. The brain functions of Chatilians are so puissant that they are able to consciously work while sleeping. They can continue to solve problems and perform cognitive thought processes while completely asleep. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement and equates to the most pronounced state of dream sleep. Chatilians move down through various stages of sleep into REM sleep within moments after lying down. Consequently, Chatilians are known as chronic sleep walkers. It is not unusual when staying over at a Chatilian friend's house to find half the family wandering around the house sleepwalking. Crazier still is watching a sleepwalking Chatilian carry on a one-sided rational conversation with himself while he gets something to eat from the refrigerator. His eyes are open and he is talking. Therefore, he must be awake. Wrong! He is asleep, and only aware of the fact that he is thinking dreamily about a specific subject matter.

There is a distinct correlation between an Chatilian's sleepwalking and his current state of mind. The more agitated and upset the Chatilian is, the greater the chance that he will sleepwalk. Whatever tortures him in the day, he also takes with him to bed at night. If he was upset over not being able to go to the library during the day, he may very well wander over that way to read a good book that night. The Chatilian appears completely aware of what is going on to the casual observer because he is semi-conscious of events happening around him. It all just seems like a dream.

Chatilians deal with the problem of sleepwalking by leashing themselves to the bed at night, preventing them from just wandering off and getting into trouble. At least 30% of all Chatilians have shown pronounced tendencies to sleepwalk.

Maul Setting Please: This "Brain Scratcher" thing is odd to say the least, and the mere mention of the subject puts most Chatilians on the defensive. True, the race is unable to shut out the psycho-babble of the universe, and Chatilians often seek the solace of secluded places to get away from it all. Fine. But what's the deal with the brain scratcher? Chatilians have very thin, oblong skulls which are dotted by sensor nodes. The evolution of the nodes was a way of compensating for the loss of visual and audio sensory perception in the ears and eyes. These nodes are so sensitive that a strong wind can give a Chatilian a headache. It's not that they are snobs and don't talk to others. It's not that they only speak when demeaning their peers. It's not that they hide in closets and other dark, secluded places. It's that they are often found in those same closets, wearing brain scratchers, drooling all over themselves, and making grunting animal noises like "Oooh! Aaah", etcetera! Its that slack eyed and silly look in their eyes while they stare up at you that gives you the shivers!

The brainscratcher was designed to soothe and massage the nodes, easing pain and stress. Product advancement saw the specifications change from pain reduction to pleasure enhancement. The question seems to be, "Is the modern day brain scratcher used for some other kind of stimulation?" The issue is being hotly contested and is too weird to get into!

Bonskirka: The feeble ones. Almost 5% of all Chatilians display enhanced mental powers at the expense of physical attributes.


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Sample Names

Atish Catam, Brelak, Gemmenryth, Pakling Intreeg, Streak Nike, Wasuh

Home World/System:


View on Alliance:

A necessary evil. The lesser masses must be posted to their natural position in things. This can only be obtained through a governmental structure.

View on Family:

This succinct body exists to perpetuate the evolutionary process and is integral in the formation of the self. It is therefore relevant.

View on Life:

Through the furthest development of the intellectual thought process, one can reap the fullest benefits of a transient existence.

View on Self:

I am the product of my thought. I am only relevant in as much as I have the ability to manipulate my awareness and expand the boundaries of my mind.

View on Universe:

This endless realm must be explored and cultivated so that it may be fully understood.

View on War:

Only those of inferior intellect find pleasure in engaging in the barbaric, vulgar, duress of war. Those of superior mental strength can avoid such folly.

Notable Statements

I rather like the way his head exploded.

I am not whining. Shut up or... Ahh!

You are now my friend.

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