Eridani's Quote

There is only one way; the way of the warrior. And the only way that a warrior can find peace is amidst the blood of the battlefield. I am the supreme being in the universe, a model of physical perfection and mental control. That is what makes me different from the lesser masses. My race has evolved beyond emotion, the single greatest cause of weakness. Others have not. I have emotions, but I understand that to achieve greatness in combat, emotions must be sacrificed for the logic of choice. That is the way of the Eridani. Cold and logical.

Mine is to challenge and defeat all those who are inferior, thus cleansing the universe and making it a purer place. Such is an honorable cause, one fit for an entire nation, and there is only one such nation capable of achieving this dream of perfection. That is the nation of Eridine. I believe in honor above all else. This is the only proper code for living. Others claim I am hypocritical, but they are mistaken. For any individual who lifts a weapon against me in anger is by his very nature inferior, and therefore must be exterminated. The only way that a person could prove that he is valuable is to accept defeat without challenge because there is no way that he could ever defeat me. Thus, as long as others understand their subordinate position in life, they prove that they have value. That is the way of the warrior. I will honor that value for that is the way of Eridani.

General Knowledge

The ultimate warrior. The methane-breathing Eridani is the epitome of a combat tactician. He possesses supreme agility, exceptional willpower, and is quite cunning. This warrior specializes in combat skills, most notably archaic hand weapons. He is affectionately called Swordsaint. This race is the only member of the Council of Timar that can carry a weapon on a planet that forbids such technology. Every Swordsaint is allowed to carry an ornamental archaic hand weapon of his choice wherever he goes within Alliance territory. Eridani study Kaush-mukal (The study of the Inner Self).

Certain Eridani are chosen at birth to fulfill the honorable status of Mokaba Datu (Wisdom Warrior). They are taken from their cribs and raised by the Buddon Priests, who are former Mokaba Datu. The Buddon Priests have reached the highest level of internal knowledge, Rota Mabiki (Supreme Peace), and the most powerful of Buddon ranks are chosen to become the caretakers of the future.

Under the tutelage of the Buddon Priest, the young Mokaba Datu learns the basic tactics of honorable survival. He is taught the fundamentals of archaic hand weapon combat, drilling every day for hours, until he passes a fundamental competence test in his chosen weapon.

Once the Mokaba Datu has mastered the fundamentals, he begins the arduous task of finding Goyoo-Mabiki (Silent Peace). Through long hours of meditation, under the supervision of his master, the Kimikasou (young warrior) seeks to harness this elusive power of the inner self. Once he has attained peace within himself, he has customized armor built for himself.

A warrior has a duty, unselfish and detached: it is to wage battle for the honor of the race, and in the heart-felt throes of battle come to under stand the tentative existence of the self. A warrior must be willing to sacrifice emotion for the superior consciousness of objective thought. This enables him to function appropriately. Even in a berserk state, an Eridani retains complete control of himself and suffers no penalties. He does, however, benefit from any bonuses while berserking. Those unworthy of combat will inevitably be disposed of. Such is the fundamental construct of the evolutionary process. Eventually one must find the door to everlasting peace. But the path to tranquility starts in the chaos of the battlefield.


Eridine is ruled by a military dictatorship, under General Erash-Ican. Erash is a realist and has allowed some external say in government matters. He has created two advisory bodies, the Scientific Forum and the Social Organization on Reform. These groups advise him on matters of state and public policy. The General understands the need for conflict and battle to cleanse the masses, but acknowledges the need for others to run the more mundane aspects of a warrior society. He spends a full 70% of the planet's gross planetary profits on military programs.


The Eridani society is a class oriented hierarchy with three different social classes: the Vax, Tolude, and lowly Mudig. The Vax run the planet and hold most offices and positions of power. They are composed of the Buddon Priests, Mokaba Datu, and other military elitists. The Tolude represent the Eridani middle class. They have good-paying jobs and are free to come and go as they please. These middle class Eridani understand the need for the hierarchical structure to exist and generally accept their place in society. The Mudig represent the Eridani lower class which is composed exclusively of the weak and naturally inferior specimens. The Mudig are enslaved from birth. They work out their generally short life spans in the mines.


Eridani history is a painting of conquest and conflict. At one time Eridani battleships swept across the galaxy, engaging in the true rapture of battle. They defeated their noble adversaries and conquered star system after star system, taking to space like bees to honey. Then the Eridani unsuspectingly encountered a tenacious race of squids called the Phentari. This treacherous enemy the Eridani could not easily defeat. The proud Eridani launched an all out offensive to vanquish the Squids. However, the Phentari had found a common ally in the Orions, and together the two marshaled their forces and struck back at the Eridani home planet, reducing it to rubble. The Swordsaints have never lived down the humiliating defeat and the blood feud still exists today.


The Eridani are extremely susceptible to mercuric poisoning. The Eridani government has lobbied intensely against the production of mercuric rounds, so this ammunition is very difficult to find.


Eridani are forever practicing intricate movements with their swords. A typical Swordsaint prac tices for three hours a day and another hour a day with various secondary weapons. Eridani often insist on firing their heavy weapons to make sure that they are still serviceable. They also see no problem with using live bait for target practice, so long as the target has shown himself dishonorable and thus deserving of death.


Eridani are tri-sexual beings. The males and the females impregnate the Nog who carry the child until birth. The Nog is the most respected and revered of the Eridani people. They never travel unescorted and any Eridani will give his life to protect them. The Nog look like fat, gelatinous, bipedal turtles. Eridani live for up to 200 years. Eridani stand 1.8 - 2.1 m, and weight 90 - 172 kg.

The Eridani are methane breathers. Their planet's atmosphere has a 22% methane content. When operating outside their home environment, the Swordsaint must wear an atmospheric processor. This processor extracts water from the air. It has a carbon block dispenser which is chemically activated to mix with the water to form methane. The block lasts for 4 months before it must be replaced.

Favorite Item

"My favorite item is that which I have trained with since birth. This is only natural. In my case, I specialize in the application of the two-handed sword."


Eridani wear ceremonial armor most of the time. On rare occasions, a relaxing Swordsaint can be found lounging in a highly reflective skinsuit.


The Eridani spends his free time either meditating or working out at the gym. Most gyms contain holo-weapon facilities to simulate combat. If you are searching for an Eridani comrade, your best bet is the gym.


The Swordsaint's home is a beautiful and elegant warehouse of weapons. Eridani are notorious for collecting strange and exotic weapons from all over the galaxy. They display weapon pieces in large, glass showcases. Swordsaints also love the semi-precious metal gold. They enjoy statues, which can be found in large numbers scattered throughout the home, including the bathroom. The Swordsaint's abode is impeccably clean.

Combat Tactics

Straight up and straight out! Eridani fight honorably and any Swordsaint who is found to act differently is hunted down and slain by his kindred in order to preserve the sanctity of the Swordsaint code of honor.

General Occupation

Eridani function normally as Ninja-like assassins or warrior types. In either case, combat is always carried out with the utmost honor. They are adept at archaic hand weapon combat and learn new levels of proficiency at a reduced rate.

Favorite Foods

Kyume: A meat/vegetable dish. Kyume tastes vaguely similar to the ancient Earth Oriental Stir Fry dish. A few Humans actually like it.

Tagein: A large fish, indigenous to the planet Eridine. Tagein are normally broiled and served with Orionus style potatoes.


Punta Bear: This great beast was once a fierce adversary of the Eridani. The ferocious Punta is strong and can kill the average individual in a single hand to hand melee segment.

Self-Mutilation: The Eridani code for action is a very strict one. They are as unforgiving of error by themselves as they are of others. They are taught as Mokaba Datu that an error is an error, and the best way to learn from an error is through self-mutilation. Pain is the greatest teacher of all, because one does not forget what caused the pain. Consequently, a Swordsaint who believes that he has done something severely wrong will punish himself by lacerating his own body. Whichever part of the body was instrumental in causing the failure is cut with his sword. Most people think it is a little weird to see someone cut a big chunk out of his own leg just because he tripped while running! Furthermore, the Swordsaint will not use body equilibrium to stop bleeding until he has clearly thought over his error and learned from his mistake.

Living Statues: So you wake up in the morning, get dressed and go for a walk. You stumble upon an Eridani who is standing in some strange and equally ridiculous position like a statue. Think nothing of it because Swordsaints do this sort of thing all the time! A warrior must learn to control the body. One of the ways of achieving this is to stand in uncomfortable positions which require balance for long periods of time. The Eridani meditates on a subject, whatever it may be. He assumes a position and remains that way for as long as he is contemplating the thought. Part of the ritual entails pointing the sword toward the skies. So if you come upon a Swordsaint who is standing on his head while pointing his sword towards the heavens, don't think twice about it!

Vax: The Eridani businessmen. They are respected by most Buddon warriors for they serve an integral function within Swordsaint society.


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Sample Names

Aaskinar-idan, Ashak-idan, Barrocka-idan, Ei'r-Idan, Erdit Sauthar-ican, Fabic-idan, Jobiabahh-icon, Kilmar-idan, Kothic-idan, Lancetor-idan, Mark-idan, Narang-idan, Raskor-idan, Tybu-idan

Home World/System:

Eridine/Epsilon Eridani

View on Alliance:

It merely is. Why isn't very important, as long as it is honorable.

View on Family:

It exists as a mold for future generations. The inferior are eliminated by the process of natural selection.

View on Life:

One must reach Rota Mabiki.

View on Self:

I am the ultimate warrior. My future is carved through the skill of my sword.

View on Universe:

It represents the grandest field for battle.

View on War:

It is the ultimate test of the self.

Notable Statements

The steel of my sword cuts with the swiftness of a heart that is never dulled.

I hereby challenge you to a Duel.

I do not bleed because I refuse to!

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