Fott's Quote

I'll show those damn Alliance Revenuers a thing or two if they ever set foot on my land again. Dirty No-hairs! They up and tried to take my Betsy. Who'n is Betsy you say? Why if'n she ain't the purtiest darn pickup truck that ever was.

Who're you any way boy? You one of them Alliance Battlelords? I like them folk. We share the same way'a think'n. If'n you gots a problem, then just shot it. Wait. No Battlelords wears dancy shirts like you is. Get the hell off my property! I'm gonna get Mabel and fill your guts full of lead!

General Knowledge

The presence of this species has caused great turmoil throughout the Alliance. Under what criteria does the central government determine when and if a synthetic organism is sentient and aware? All sentient organisms maintain certain inalienable rights as defined by the Confirmed Social Sanctions Act of 2110. However, each sovereign species mandates its own edicts concerning what is sentient and therefore equal. To Eridani and Phentari, sentience is defined by a physical quality, as well as the ability to perform independent mental thought processes. Mutzachans and most of the other species define sentience as that quality which allows one to make conscious and rational decisions. All governing species agree that synthetic life forms that are inorganic are less than equal. The notable exception has been the Gemini, who are not synthetic, but are a non-organic, silicon-based life form currently petitioning for entrance into the Alliance.

The central government now faces the problem of what to do when Uncle Ernie and his Minions of Doom seeded a planet with a species of synthetically manufactured, intelligent, life forms developed primarily from Human and rabbit DNA. Called Fott, these creatures were deposited on Delphix-9 of the Netas Hydri star system in the And-3 galaxy around 2256, five years after that part of And-3 was annexed, but before the Alliance had prepared it for colonization. The specimens were prolific, reproducing about once every 2 months. The population grew to over 5 billion by the time the Human Exploration ship Purveyor discovered the species in 2270. The Alliance now faced quite a quandary when they discovered that a flourishing species of sentient, man-sized, rabbit-like life forms inhabited the planet. The Fott are synthetic, but have been produced to meet all the criteria of sentient life forms. They even meet physical standards set by the Eridani and Phentari. As a result, the Fott automatically became Alliance citizens, and therefore were entitled to the inalienable rights of any other sovereign species. The Alliance senate amended the Social Sanctions Act in 2072 to exclude life forms, which are not native to annexed worlds or which were altered after annexation from its protections. The Fott are not well liked by the other species in the Alliance.

Fott themselves have caused great dissension among Alliance citizens. They are irascible and dangerous, often hiring themselves out as itchy trigger finger mercenaries. Fott are intelligent, aggressive, and naturally curious. In addition, though the Fott had no access to technology on their undeveloped and adopted homeworld, they possess an innate knowledge about technology in the form of genetic memory. As a result, all Fott possess certain skills and knowledge, which are transferred genetically from parent to offspring. Uncle Ernies' genetic manipulation has also imparted certain genetic predispositions into the Fott's temperament and preferences. All Fott are extremely aggressive, but generally not towards each other. These creatures view all other life forms with hostility. Despite the Fott's general predisposition towards violence, they still manage to remain inquisitive.


Fott do not support the theory of a central government. Rather, they believe that they cannot be governed by anyone other than themselves. A government not of the people cannot govern the people. They begrudgingly accept Alliance rule and exploit as many Alliance resources as they can legally obtain. Then they ask for more.


A Fott culture, if you can call it that, has been artificially created by Uncle Ernie and programmed into their brains. Even personal preferences and personality traits have been genetically imprinted on the species. Some speculate that Uncle Ernie has given the Fott every negative trait possessed by the human species. Fott were biologically engineered to be generally aggressive, reckless, obnoxious, lazy, resistant to change, and anti-social. They're also racist and encourage the enslavement of lower-species. However, the Fott have some redeeming qualities that were no doubt implanted in order to make them more of a drain on Alliance resources. Fott are naturally inquisitive and adaptive. They excel at learning new technologies and integrating them into their culture. Anything that will allow a Fott to work less is likely to be greeted with open arms. They are also dangerous combatants. Fott enjoy combat, especially warfare. They like the camaraderie that warfare creates among the soldiers and enjoy the feeling of fighting to protect other Fott who are unable to feel the rush of combat. When the Fott tried to force their independence from the Alliance they were united on a global front, with every single Fott on the planet ready to fight. No other Alliance species could muster the same incredible unity. The Fott don't seem to mind that they were artificially created, and they hold no ill will toward their creator despite the fact that their entire reason for existence is to annoy and burden the Alliance. No doubt, Uncle Ernie pre-programmed this lack of inner-conflict about their existence into their psyche.

The Fott have developed industrial technology at an amazing rate thanks to their genetically implanted skills. The Fott did not develop the concept of currency until integrated into Alliance society, previously having bartered with each other for supplies and equipment. When the Alliance annexed the planet, the Fott began consuming and adopting Alliance technology with abandon, with a few notable exceptions (see Quirks). As a result, Fott society has become a mish-mash of old and new. It's not uncommon to see Fott riding in internal combustion vehicles while talking to relatives on other colony worlds via an interplanetary comm-link. This has produced dangerous and unpredictable accidents and violence on Fott colony worlds, and some have likened it to giving small children particle weapons as toys.

Fott prefer to live in rural, agrarian communes, growing their own food and being suspicious of outsiders; yet they don't mind if an AI system pilots the tractor, while PADS and K-Sats protect the commune.


As a result of their rigid views on self-government, the Fott declared war against the Alliance for their independence shortly after Delphix-9 was listed as an Alliance territory. The Alliance was unwilling to have a likely hostile independent world inside their newly annexed space, which was already under colonization, so they had no choice but to secure their rule through force. The irony of having to fight the Fott to get them to stay in the Alliance, when no one really wanted them around in the first place, must have been delightful for Uncle Ernie. Not surprisingly, the Fott quickly lost a humiliating defeat due to their lack of significant technological weaponry. Only luck and the compassion of the Human and Zen ambassadors saved them from complete extermination by the orbiting battle fleet, which was primarily composed of Eridani warships. Since their defeat, the Fott, who are no dummies, have utilized every Alliance resource available to them as a protected territory. The Alliance has been forced to establish spaceports on Delphix-9, trade routes, and to provide medical care and vocational training. Worse yet, the Fott's unprecedented reproduction rate has forced the Alliance to assist them in the colonization of other worlds in and beyond And-3; worlds that were originally annexed to allow for the expansion of other Alliance species who, at the time of the annexation, had a more pressing need for those planets. The Fott are currently listed by the Alliance as petitioning for entrance into the lower chambers of the Council of Timar.


Fott fur is extremely flammable. Lasers, thermatics, and pulse cannons are abhorred due to their association with fire and most Fott will simply refuse to use them. Fott won't go anywhere near a flamethrower.


Fott have a genetic predisposition to favor certain technologies, like archaic powder weapons and explosives, and avoid other more modern weapons. To a Fott, the more primitive the weapon, the better. They believe primitive weapons require more skill than modern weaponry. In fact, Fott have an innate understanding of how to use archaic powder weapons thanks to their genetically implanted memories. Uncle Ernie also made them fond of slingshots! Why is unclear, but some speculate that because of their aggressive and reckless nature, their adoption of more "efficient" weapon systems on a global scale could have threatened their own existence or even resulted in Alliance eradication instead of inclusion.


Fott are able to jump great distances. In fact, when they need to move in a hurry, they jump rather than run, much like a Kangaroo.

Favorite Item

Fott love their archaic powder weapons. Some progressive Fott believe that Omega cannons are the epitome of weapon development and the natural result of research for the ultimate projectile weapon. Many mercenary Fott will religiously save their credits to buy one.

Fott avoid weapons that cause fires, for obvious reasons and rarely adopt other modern weapon systems because they are either too complicated or require no skill to shoot. Some military scientists have pointed out that despite the Fott’s less than logical justifications for these views, it does make some sense from a soldier’s point of view to have weapons that are both simple to maintain and don't rely on automated systems – otherwise you might be out of a job.


Fott wear simple, durable clothing suitable for farming or fighting. When heading into heavy combat, Fott will cover up from head-to-toe to prevent from being set on fire. Fott love the concept of armor and delight in anything that allows close access to their enemy so they can taunt them while shooting them.


Fott hang out on the farm or in seedy mercenary bars. They will occasionally venture into the city, but prefer rural, undeveloped areas.


You can either find a Fott in the barracks on out on the farm working the fields, or more accurately, watching his automated farm equipment working the fields. Fott homes are simple, as they usually don't have a lot of money. Fott will typically splurge on a huge Tri-V so they can watch Cyball, and then adorn the house with decorations cobbled together from native flora and fauna. All Fott are skilled taxidermists, and the walls of Fott homes are adorned with the heads of animals they've killed and eaten. Sometimes Fott will even build furniture and light fixtures out of animal bones.

Combat Tactics

Fott like up close, in your face combat tactics. Preferably shoot first, ask questions later. In addition, Fott love to gloat and will commonly proclaim over and over their latest successful battle kill. Fott aren't dumb and if they feel they can't take an opponent in a frontal attack, which provides the best taunting opportunities, they'll strike from behind, exploiting any vulnerability an opponent may have. A Fott's propensity to use Omega weapons in heavy combat has given them a reputation for always aiming at the back of an opponent's helmet, where they are likely to have less absorption polymers to counter the attack. This tactic has not endeared them with the Eridani who view it as cowardice.

General Occupation

Fott are generally hired out as mercenaries, which are infamous for their "itchy trigger fingers." They seldom work directly for a company, but are attached to field units. Fott are also known for their mechanical aptitude, although generally limited to lower level tech items. You'll be hard pressed to find a Fott computer programmer or robotics technician. Fott who for one reason or another can't engage in combat will usually be found farming on a Fott colony world. Fott do not typically enjoy the company of other species, but if it means get to shoot something, preferably another species, they will tolerate other species.

Favorite Foods

As expected, the Fott are omnivores, and will attempt to cook and eat almost anything they can catch and kill. If it was impressive in size or a particularly difficult kill, the Fott will promptly stuff it and mount it on the wall of wherever they happen to hang out.


Fott are staunch believers in slavery. Some species should obviously assume their natural position as inferiors. It is therefore not uncommon for a Fott to have two or three slaves, particularly Benjari.

Fott appears in:

Galactic Underground 2


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Sample Names

Bubba Joe Jim Bob, Buford "Bo" Maynard, Foo-Foo, Fott o'Keefe

Home World/System:

Delphix-9/Netas Hydri, And-3

View on Alliance:

We don't need their government. We should be independent. Since we can't be free, then well take advantage of anything and everything they'll give us. They're fools!

View on Family:

Family is important. They are the justification for the desire to fight!

View on Life:

I like farming. I don't like the city. I like shooting things that I can eat or things that are different than me. I like to stuff 'em.

View on Self:

I love to farm. When I'm tired of farming, I fight. Either way, I'll probably find something to eat.

View on Universe:

It provides the opportunity for expansion of my race and combat to defend it.

View on War:

Yeah? When and where? We'll be there.

Notable Statements

I snuck up behind him, real sneakily, and shot him in the back of the head.

I'd like to apply for unemployment benefits.

I'll kill anything you want if I get paid enough to upgrade to an Omega weapon!

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