Furbl's Quote

You know, this bunch of friends I've signed on to work with are just a blast to be around; in that Orion Galort's case that's literal! Ha!

I've learned so many new recipes and techniques cooking for these guys. It's a challenge keeping the Jezzadei fed, but I'm soooo glad I learned how to make brewl, that quintessential Cizerack peasant dish. Wow, is that a fave!

But the best part is this whole huge galaxy these guys have shown me. I know a lot of them complain about which ass-end of the universe they are in now, but I love it all. Don't get me wrong, caring after the three MacRezonnar's kids was fun but nothing compared to this.

What huge playground and it's mine for the taking!

General Knowledge

The cutest, friendliest being around is the fury little Furbl, the loyal companion to the Orion Rogues. In fact, many Orions prefer the company of Furbls over other Alliance species. Furbls are intelligent creatures indigenous to the polar regions of the planet Taos 4. Historically, Orions kept them as pets (or slaves), but treated them very well. Times have changed, and the Orions currently treat Furbls as equals, well... almost as equals.

Furbls are extremely agile and natural climbers; able to survive falls unscathed from heights that would surely injure other species. They're typically employed in a trade or in a service-oriented occupation. Their tendency to pick pocket everyone around them has earned the ire of many species, other than Orions who encourage the behavior. Despite their criminal habits, Furbls believe it's unacceptable to be aggressive toward other species. Unfortunately, that rule doesn't apply to other Furbls who tend to settle disputes with each other physically, though they rarely cause permanent injury.


Furbl society is clan based. Historically, the largest and strongest Furbls rule as clan lords, usually employing a benevolent dictatorship. However, the precepts of democracy are followed whenever possible, but clan lords reserve the right to make final decisions. Because Clan lords are the largest of the Furbls, they can and will enforce their final decisions via force or threat of force. The Furbls gleefully accept this method of government as fair and only rarely have groups of smaller Furbls assembled to put pressure on the clan lord. Despite their apparently violent nature, Furbl's rarely attack non-Furbls. Though they are naturally aggressive towards members of their own species in certain situations involving disputes of control, they rarely attack other species. Only in situations where it is "socially acceptable" to harm a non-Furbl would a Furbl's aggressive tendencies surface. This is why Orions don't worry about leaving the Furbl at home to watch their children. The Furbl would never harm the children, but would not hesitate to attack a burglar or intruder. Granted, a Furbl's view of social acceptability has been heavily influenced by the flexible morals of the Orions.


Furbls take pride in their ability to make others laugh. They are invariably happy and share the Orions view of life as a wonderful opportunity for adventure. Their life of quasi-servitude means that many Furbls are skilled laborers and most possess domestic and trade skills. Furbls who go off-world can easily find employment in their chosen field. It's not uncommon to see Furbls working as mechanics, electricians, housekeepers, and cooks onboard interstellar cruise ships where they can make a living and have adventures on new worlds. Furbls mate for life and form a very intimate bond with a partner. It's not uncommon for a Furbl to commit suicide after the death of a mate.


In times past, rich Orions used Furbls as housemaids and butlers. They cleaned carpets, washed dishes, served food, and scrubbed floors. In addition, they were kept as pets to play with the kids. Furbls usually slept in the children's room, though some Furbls had their own private rooms and were allowed to watch Tri-V and had access to other amenities. No self respecting Rogue would ever think to keep one chained on a leash; such a thought would be unbearable. Furbls were the perfect household companion. Ram Pythons couldn't play with the kids without the risk of accidentally squishing them nor can Rams cook a decent dinner! What could be better than the friendly, fuzzy Furbl?

As time passed, Orions began to notice that the cuddly little creatures occasionally became depressed with their servitude. In 2162, animal rights lobbyists pushed for legislation releasing the Furbls from their bondage. Orions reacted quickly, realizing the error of their ways. Soon Furbls became neighbors rather than servants, but still stopped by to play with the kids. When one examines the situation closely, not much has truly changed except that Orions now have to pay Furbls to be butlers and maids. Overall, the lobbyists were happy, the Furbls were happy, and the Orions were happy. Since Furbl emancipation, mutual friendship between the Orions and the Furbls has grown stronger.


Furbls have very sensitive ears. They dislike loud noises, and the sound of pulse cannons firing or grenades exploding is very painful to Furbls without hearing protection. The few Furbls who are combat oriented, wear earplugs. Sonic attacks inflict double damage to the little creatures. In addition, concussive attacks that strike the head have a chance to permanently deafen the Furbl.

Furbl's can survive comfortably in temperatures up to 35 degrees below zero centigrade. They do not like hot or humid climates. Extreme heat (33 centigrade plus) causes them to become exhausted.


Though very few Furbls are actually criminals or miscreants, almost all Furbls know how to pick pockets. There is debate among Orion historians on exactly how the tradition started, but centuries ago Furbls started pick pocketing Orions as a game. The Furbls were taught to return anything they pilfered to its owner and everybody was happy. The Furbls enjoyed testing their skills and the Orions enjoyed trying to catch them in the act. The tradition remains to this day, and Furbls are taught to pick pockets at a very young age. Sometimes the Furbls are unable to find the item's original owner after their good faith efforts to do so, at which point the filched item becomes theirs. The game is encouraged on most Orion worlds.


Human's joke that Furbls should be called fur-balls, because that's what they look like. Under all that fur, you're typical Furbl is quite an athlete. Furbls are incredibly agile and naturally skilled climbers and acrobats. The Defensive Modifier for any Furbl is doubled.

Being adept climbers, Furbls are equally adept at landing on their feat and rolling out of falls.

These creatures have relatively short lives, living approximately 40 years, before going to the great big place in the sky where there are lots of shiny things to pickpocket from oblivious victims and nobody cares when you return them.

Favorite Item

Whatever was the last item they successfully pick pocketed. Once a Furbl filches a new item, it will become their favorite. Furbl's have notoriously short attention spans.


Furbls typically go naked - they are covered in fur after all. When wearing clothing, a Furbl will typically wear whatever is appropriate for their occupation, but only the bare minimum. A Furbl chef might wear only an apron, whereas a Furbl carpenter might have on nothing but his tool belt and boots. When out on the town, Furbl's typically adorn themselves with recently pick pocketed items. These items are displayed conspicuously, much like jewelry, so potential owners can identify their property that the Furbl has "borrowed" and other Furbls can judge their pick pocketing skill.


Furbls love city life. Taos is a world where the nightlife never stops, even during the day. They enjoy crowds and are content in an urban environment. Despite their naive ways, hanging out with Orions in the city for long periods would give just about anybody a certain level of "street-smarts" and Furbls are no exception.


Furbls prefer to live in small apartments in the city. They don't spend a lot of time sitting inside, so they don't need a lot of space. Furbls who are still employed as servants typically live with the family they're working for. Again, they are usually provided with a small room with a window. Any Furbl will tell you, if sitting at home with nothing to do, that they simply look out their window for motivation to roam the town.

Combat Tactics

Furbls rely on their amazing agility to survive in combat situations. They're constantly moving, jumping, dodging, and weaving, which makes them a very difficult target to hit. Furbls will take snap shots at their opponents while they're on the move or use hit-and-run tactics. Furbls will only take time to aim if they're relatively sure they're unseen or have lots of cover.

General Occupation

Furbls typically obtain a job in either the service sector or as a skilled laborer. Furbls are commonly employed as chefs, carpenters, couriers, bartenders, waiters, butlers, maids, cooks, and babysitters just to name a few of the thousands of professions they undertake. Some Furbls also engage in less legal professions like cat burglars, thieves, professional pickpockets, and in corporate espionage.

Favorite Foods

Furbls have a sweet tooth and love candy. Their integration with Orion society since their emancipation has also allowed many Furbls to take up drinking. The rate of Furbl alcoholism is rising rapidly and has become a hot topic in Orion politics.


Furbls don't usually keep pets, as they quickly lose interest and forget to feed them. Once a Furbl realizes they are bored with a pet, they'll usually set it free or give it away rather than risk mistreatment. Furbls usually prefer small pets that tend to fend for themselves.

Furbl appears in:

Galactic Underground 2


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Sample Names


Home World/System:

Taos 4/Chi Orionis

View on Alliance:

It's a big place full of pockets.

View on Family:

Oh, I love my family. I have four kids. There is Furry, Curry, Murry, and that one that looks like the milkman!

View on Life:

Life is a magical pocket. You gotta dig around in it till you find something really neat!

View on Self:

I'm happy.

View on Universe:

It's a bigger place full of pockets.

View on War:

Lots of cool things are left after fights that I can play with.

Notable Statements

Honey, look what that nice man lent me. His watch, his credit card, and his spaceship...

Honey it's time. My fur's rising.

Eeeek! Eeeek! Run there's a Furbl muncher!

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