Gemini's Quote

The universe is life. The fabric of that life runs through all particles of the universe. That pool, star, sentient, and rock are all alive and connected. It is all intertwined and related. We are its caretakers.

General Knowledge

The Gemini are a species of Matrix Controllers known to the people of the Alliance as the Caretakers of the Universe. These silicon-based life forms are indigenous to the Belshallon star system in Fornax, and though they are not among the founding species of the Alliance, they are formal members. Gemini are strong and powerful beings made of living rock with deep-set eyes and a perpetually happy face. Their skin is so thick they naturally have a 3 point body Threshold. They are a well-liked species that derive great pleasure from tending to forests, lakes, animals, and other various ecosystems. They love life, holding it in the highest regard. It is easy to understand why Gemini and Zen Rigeln get along well.

Gemini have very few physical needs. They are comfortable in nearly every climate, though extremes of temperature still can cause injury or discomfort. They can eat almost any soil, and they extract what little water they need from the moisture in their food or pull it out of the air via their respiration spikes. In addition, their matrix abilities have allowed them to build homes and develop their culture without the need for technology. Free of the need to constantly fend for food and shelter, the Gemini pursued other activities and intellectual pursuits.

Most Gemini spend their lives protecting and caring for the living things around them, which don't have the benefit of the Gemini's durability and care-free existence. With almost monk-like devotion to care of other life forms, the Gemini hope to discover the meaning of life and their place in the universe through their role as caretakers of their fellow living organisms. Gemini are also natural explorers and artisans.

Typically, the Gemini are very slow to anger and difficult to provoke. Insulting their mothers, collapsing their cave-homes, or even cutting off their arms is unlikely to anger a Gemini. This tendency allows the Gemini to analyze a situation and react quickly and appropriately, though Gemini are far from emotionless. In fact the pointless or callous destruction of living things is likely to anger a Gemini. When observing the pointless destruction of living creatures (including plants), a Gemini's aggression increases dramatically. Once angered, Gemini are dangerous and difficult to restrain.


The Gemini strongly believe in the precepts of democracy through a hierarchical infrastructure. There is one overall leader on any given planet. Gemini call this planetary leader the Buado Ilack Canpu which, when translated, means One of the Earth. The Buado Ilack Canpu has six regional officers called Dryack Carpis or Walkers of the Earth. These individuals vigilantly watch over the four different layers of the Underground. The different levels of the Underground relate to the four different regions of earth control.

The zone a particular Gemini hails from plays a determining role in the powers that one can generate and learn. A Gemini may train outside its sphere of control, yet at double the normal point cost. The percentage chance to come from a particular zone of control is given below.


Gemini society is composed of a gregarious group of individuals who freely wander their planet via a network of caves that run under the surface of Sunas 7. Gemini spend their time exploring their surroundings and caring for the creatures they encounter. Gemini love pottery and sculpture. Skilled Gemini artists can shape and mold stone into beautiful sculptures that sell for up 50,000cr on the open market. Gemini also love to sing, and their deep-throated melodies have won great praise throughout the galaxies. Gemini have close ties with all their relatives and enjoy spending time with their families. Gemini are natural explorers and many have ventured off-world to discover new caves and ecosystems.


Gemini were discovered by the Human exploration cruiser Emerald Standard in 2157 on a routine mining dig on the planet Sunas 7, which is now called Rock Home. Ten years later, the Gemini were accepted as a protectorate of the Alliance, and five years after that, they became full members of the Alliance. The Gemini have lived a peaceful existence for the past 50,000 years. They have never developed a technology-based society, nor have they had the need or desire to do so. As a result, most Gemini lack the basic understanding of science and technology possessed by the average Alliance citizen, though they can learn these skills just as easily as anyone else. Gemini that venture off-world must quickly become familiar with technology and its associated concepts if they expect to fit in. Currently, a large Human settlement co-inhabits Rock Home, which possesses the richest soil in all the galaxies. The huge agro-community exists in perfect harmony with the Gemini.


Gemini have difficulty generating matrices while wearing armor. Any Gemini who attempts to generate while wearing armor must pay double the normal amount of Power Points. Furthermore, Gemini can only wear armor for a limited amount of time, as their ventilation nodes cannot function properly in standard armor. In addition, due to their size and odd shape, all standard armored suits are twice as expensive. Gemini compliant armor is rare and expensive.

Highly radioactive material is deadly to a Gemini, and they stay clear of it at all times.


Gemini love to take mud baths. On a rainy day, one can see them rolling around, frolicking in the mud. If a Gemini becomes hungry while playing in the mud, a snack is literally close at hand, and the Gemini can simply bend over and scoop up a delicious handful of yummy mud.

Gemini also have the ability to temporarily increase their already formidable natural Threshold by consuming particular hard minerals or metals. A few minutes after they are consumed, these hard materials are pushed to the Gemini's outer skin until they can be digested, which results in a temporary Threshold increase. These materials must be almost pure, unprocessed, and in their raw, natural, state. A Gemini could not, for example, chew on someone's armor to increase their Threshold, nor could they consume metals that have been processed in a manufacturing plant without risking poisoning. Any attempt to ingest processed or refined hardened materials results in the Gemini violently expelling the materials and "food poisoning,".

Because of the purity and quantity required, the chances of finding these materials, without an extended and deliberate mining search, is futile, even for Gemini. It is often much easier to purchase the materials on the open market.


The Gemini's tissue is composed of a mixture of flesh and stone called StoneSkin. StoneSkin is a genetically and molecularly complex tissue that possesses characteristics of both carbon-based tissue and silicates. StoneSkin is very dense and heavy, and as a result, Gemini are not fast or agile. Their body is covered with spike-like nodes that act as a coolant system, and also function in a respiratory role, allowing the StoneSkin to breathe. Sonic attacks are particularly dangerous to Gemini and inflict double damage. Gemini reproduce every 2-10 years and live to be nearly 100 years old.

Because a Gemini's internal organs are as dense as their skin, they are far less susceptible to the damaging effects of concussive attacks. However, concussive attacks tend to have a stunning effect on the Gemini.

Favorite Item

Gemini have a penchant for gemstones and other precious commodities such as gold, silver, and even rare fossils. Gemology is a favorite past time of most Gemini; many often have quite a bit of the 'bling-bling'. Gemini collect these items for their natural beauty and not because of their intrinsic value. However, it can't be understated that their wealth helps the already carefree Gemini pursue nearly any career or pastime in Alliance society.


Gemini wear no clothes. Most carry a heavy stone mace called a Cronk. The Cronk wallops opponents. The Cronk also doubles as an agricultural tool.


If you are looking for a Gemini, I suggest that you head for the nearest cave. You will likely find him tending to his mushroom garden, studying the strata of a particular rock formation, or tunneling through the bedrock in search of interesting gems.


The Gemini keep immaculate caves, molding their furniture from stone and adorning the walls of their home with carvings, pottery, precious gems, and fossils. A Gemini's home has multiple rooms set on different levels. There are no doors except over entrances that open to the surface. The rest of the cave is open to the network of tunnels that runs throughout the planet, and neighboring Gemini are free to walk in and visit.

Combat Tactics

If forced into combat, a Gemini will use a variety of matrices to deal with the problem, and if that fails, just flatten them underfoot. Gemini that are more familiar with Alliance tech are not adverse to using modern weaponry to incinerate those they deem hazardous to the common good.

General Occupation

Gemini are typically hired as an agricultural, mineral, or mining expert. Gemini gemologists are also common. The majority of Gemini that venture off-world are employed by AMC and their competitors in mining operations as they don't mind spending all day in a cold dark cave digging up rocks. Most Gemini would do the work for free, but the concept of currency has even permeated Gemini society. However, other Gemini find that their natural inclination to help others makes them more suited for a career as a police officer, firefighter, rescue worker, bodyguard, or even as a Battlelord.

Favorite Foods

Gemini quickly mention they are neither carnivorous nor herbivorous. They are lisivorous, for their diet is composed of minerals and dirt. Consequently, most Gemini never go hungry.


Gemini keep no pets and view all the creatures of the universe, including other sentient beings, as needing their help from time to time. In essence, many Gemini view everyone as their pet, albeit a very respected pet-friend and that you can have a conversation with, but still an animal that needs a Gemini's help to survive.

Gemini appears in:

Galactic Underground 2


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Sample Names

(only vowels are O and U, plus no "s" at it seems impossible for them to pronounce it)
Brrokdrum, Dron, Grromm, Nomro, Omor, Orrmuun, Umron

Home World/System:

Belshallon, Fornax

View on Alliance:

It isn't important whether or not we belong to this entity, but it does help facilitate our exploration of the universe.

View on Family:

I am a chip off the old dad.

View on Life:

It is magnificent in its simplicity, yet subtle in its grandeur. I try to look after it.

View on Self:

I am blessed with few physical needs. I exist to discover meaning in the universe.

View on Universe:

I could spend the rest of my life exploring the mysteries of this fantastic expanse, tending to its verdant lands. Right now, I could go for a cup of dirt.

View on War:

The ultimate of atrocities, yet seemingly common.

Notable Statements

What can I get for this fist-sized ruby?

If you harm one leaf on that tree, I will beat you about the head until you are senseless.

I see you're cleaning the mud off your boots. Are you gonna eat that?

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