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Gen-Human's Quote

Is there a place for me in this universe? I find myself asking this question all of the time. Do I, a synthetic, manufactured product, have worth? Manufactured. That is both the key to the question, and the question without an answer. Such is the dilemma of being a Genetic Human. I am physically and mentally superior to my creators in almost every way, yet it is my creators who made me. I am a product of their dreams. They are less yet greater than myself. I continuously compare my value to that of a toaster! There is pain in not knowing who or what you are.

Yet, there is a certain peace in knowing that I am alive and real, a vast improvement over those people who all but destroyed themselves not long ago. I seek experience, because through experiencing the universe around me, I can quantify and enhance myself. The more I see and do, the more I prove that I am truly human!

General Knowledge

Take the best physical and mental traits of multiple human specimens and create a superior being. The result is a Gen-Human. The term "Gen-Human" stands for genetic Human. This genetic fusion represents the future of the human race. Genetic Humans are mentally and physically superior to normal humans, but the only accurate way to determine whether someone is a "Gen" is by checking his scalp. All Gen-Humans are branded with a production number at "birth".

Many Clones are jealous of their fellow Humans, for they don't have an ancestry or heritage. They exist in a quasi-real paradox of existence. In many ways the clones are less than orphans, for Gen-Humans are grown in accelerated biochemical environment tanks, then given to special foster parents during the formative years. Hence, many Gen-Humans suffer from psychological disorders. As one Gen-Human philosopher said "We are merely synthetic products, nothing more than elegant looking robots." This haunting uncertainty has fostered much resentment between the Gens and Humans.


The Gen-Humans believe in a wide variety of governments. The type of governmental structure supported depends entirely on the individual. What is certain is that most Gens truly believe that they are preordained to control the universe, a thought pattern that was woven into the DNA link of the prolific DB-7 and DB-8 Accelerated Response series. Gen-Humans hold the highest offices in the galaxy, including President of the Galactic Alliance.


Big Problem. Gen-Humans accept the culture of their cousins, but are aware that it doesn't belong to them. The fact that they are engineered in bio-chem labs precludes them from having a culture of their own. Many Gen-Humans seek out and marry unattractive Human mates. Even so, there is a certain aristocracy common among genetic clones.


As early as 1966, scientists began doing genetic experiments, mapping the DNA and RNA of mice and other lab specimens. By the 1990's, they had successfully cloned sheep and mice, amidst a huge controversy concerning the right to create life. Was it right to play God? Eventually, scientific endeavor, fueled by the ulterior motives of the government, won out against the moral majority.

The holocaust of World War III left the planet in a state of chaos. It wasn't until the summer of 2014 when Dr. Katherine Dykeman completed a top secret government experiment for the United Socialist States of America. She cloned a human being in a bio-chem lab at Toronto, New York. Scien tists had created the first "super being."

Immediately, the United Socialist States began large-scale cloning. By 2060, cloning was common in all nations on the planet Earth. Early on, most clones were of a few distinct types, or "models." As the process improved, the clones became more individual and distinct and came to be known as genetic humans or "Gens." The genetic humans proved far superior to their counterparts, replacing them in the job market and private sector. Then in 2075, a backlash of anti-Gen sentiment swept the world and so began the devastating "Gen Wars". For seven years Humans patrolled the streets and indis criminately killed any person suspected of being a Gen. Hundreds of thousands of innocents were slaughtered. Finally, in 2083, United Earth was forced to pass the heralded Genetics Laws which stipulated that no more than 15% of the galaxy's population could be of 100% clonic/genetically enhanced descent. All firms producing Gens were forced to stamp the back of the scalp with a model and serial number.


Gen-Humans are genetically manufactured. Consequently, much scientific investigation has been done on how to destroy them most effectively. The drug Phio-Sodium Augurate has been synthesized to kill Gen- Humans. It attacks the brain, shorting out the neural pathways. The drug induces convulsions, brain hemorrhaging, and involuntary muscle spasms. The drug is readily available on the Black Market.


Genetic Humans possess the same quirks and idiosyncrasies as Humans of the 20th Century.


An inordinately high percentage of Gen-Humans suffer from schizophrenia, reclusive enteritis, or psychosis. Clones live to be 140 years old. Gen-Humans stand 1.5 - 2 m, and weight 54 - 99 kg.

Favorite Item

Gen-Humans enjoy holo-rooms or holograms. The chic thing for yuppy Gen-Humans to have is a holographic picture of their "significant other."


Clones usually wear skinsuits. Many radical types wear an ancient and uncouth type of clothing called jeans.


Many Gen-Humans make a special pilgrimage to the Orion Home world of Taos 4 every year. It was here that the Battle over the Sea of Orion took place, and this sight is considered sacred to the Gen-Human cause. Visitors can go to the Monument of the Fallen Warriors, a floating museum in space where the destroyed hulls of the battlecruiser Valiant and the light cruiser New Providence still float. These tombs carried over 2,000 martyrs to their death in the bid to stop the First Arachnid Invasion. A monument to the Wolverine Squadron stands here as a memorial to those brave souls who flew the heralded "Flight of the Valkyries" against the Arachnid ships, thus saving the Alliance.


Gen-Human homes tend to be excessively lavish in their decor. There are pictures everywhere to remind them of themselves. Wealthy Gen homes contain holo-rooms.

Combat Tactics

They take great pride in their military tactics. Many train at the Military Candidate School, which has the reputation of fielding some of the greatest battle-trained minds in the Alliance. Many Gen-Humans seek careers as officers in the various Galactic Defense forces.

General Occupation

The Gens control the central government of the Alliance, which produces most of the ships and vehicles used by combat troops throughout the galaxy. Thus, Gen-Humans and Humans pay a point less than the required proficiency cost when opting for training in any vehicle piloting skill.

Favorite Foods

Soshin: Manufactured beef substitute.

Blue Shenil: This fish is raised in the Mediterranean fish hatcheries. It tastes like a cross between flounder and crab meat.


Cats: The only beloved domestic animal left from the 20th Century. All the birds and fish were destroyed during the nuclear holocaust. Dogs were killed off by a mysterious plague in 2080. Most cats serve only as pets, and have no combat value. There is, however, one particular breed of genetically engineered cat that possess intelligence: the Siamese Blue. This cat has crystal clear blue eyes, hence its name. The Blue is normally used to warn a sleeping Gen of someone's approach. The cat has excellent hearing and eyesight.

What's Your Number Baby?: Gen-Humans are known for their insecurities, having been engineered. All Gen-Humans have a production number stamped on the back of their scalps. As a way of dealing with this, Gens will kid around with each other while on a date. A Gen-Human will often ask, "What's your number?" The other will respond, "I'm a C-1724-DX9. Kinda sexy, huh?" If you ask a Gen what his name is, he might respond with something like. "My name is Q-955-661. What's yours?"

Never Marry One of Your Own: This view is held by many Gen-Humans who dislike what they are. Many Gens refuse to marry another Gen-Human because they don't want their kids to be seen as they are. Being a Gen-Human is so painful that many will have children with other normal Humans, many of a "less than desirable" physical appearance, in order to ensure that their child is not labeled as "manufactured goods." They also do this to validate the view that they themselves are real and have value.

Warrior Class: Production Model #: 499-AB8. A limited production run of this genetic makeup is still available. They have increased strength, constitution, and aggression. The warrior class model learn military skills more quickly, but at the cost of non-combat skills taking them much longer to master.

Spy Class: Production Model #: 486-G94. Restricted sale of this Gen-Human type was available to licensed businesses from 2268-2275. This model has an additional espionage/computer skill package. The Spy Class also has increased intuition, agility, intelligence, and an eidetic memory. Problems with the central nervous systems caused the cancellation of this product line. There is a 4% chance rolled every 6 months that the model will have a permanent brain seizure. Eidetic memory. This model requires specialized parental upbringing.


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Sample Names

Eros 569841/AJ8, Jessica 012236/AA7, Jessie 826294/DU1, Paul 836252/DU7, Pierce 873927/UD9, Sarah 937503/AS8, Steffani 563143/MD2, Tri 947262/GF3

Home World/System:


View on Alliance:

The greatest single ruling body that has ever existed. It is the Rome of now.

View on Family:

Some confusion as to their real identities. They extol Dr. Dykeman as the "mother of our souls."

View on Life:

It is my destiny to create my own future, to be free to pursue that elusive dream which is the essence of my being.

View on Self:

Questionable at times. Superior in form, but without culture, heritage, or past; "We are, yet we are not."

View on Universe:

Beautiful and yet frightening.

View on War:

War is a necessary evil to ensure the survival of the Alliance.

Notable Statements

Whatever happened to Rock-n-Roll?

It hurts more than you think not to know who or what you really are.

I am the 23rd Century Test Tube Man.

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