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The Mutzachans, creatures of tremendous ability and power, have placed our race at the helm of the Alliance's destiny. It is Humans who control the universe. Others wield greater power, have amassed superior technology, but Humans possess a rare quality that differentiates us from others. Humans have humility. I was taught early in grade school how the Second Holocaust almost completely and irrevocably destroyed humanity, how prejudice and avarice almost completely wiped out civilization less than 300 years ago. My teachers drilled into my head the notion that unbridled power brings absolute corruption. It was my ancestors who dug themselves out of the rubble and death to build a new nation. It is because of their strength that I stand where I am today. It is therefore my responsibility to ensure that evil never conquers "humanity" again.

I must teach those who do not wish to listen. I must reach out to those races that presume dominance over others, those who believe that the sword is greater than the word. Yes, wars must be fought and people must die. There are just reasons for war; however, they must be tempered by loss of life, and the loss of freedom. One should only kill out of need, not out of desire.

Still, there are more Humans in the universe than any other race. I owe allegiance to them, to make sure that they prosper and are not diminished by races such as the Eridani and Phentari. I must find reason in this universe and bring humility to it.

General Knowledge

Humans may look like a weak character race to play at first, but they do have some distinct advantages over the other races. They are by far the most adaptable of all the races. Genetic science may have made the Gen-Humans mentally superior, but at the loss of some of the brain's inherent flexibility. They do, however, have exceptional secondary statistics. As a matter of fact, they have the best in the game. When it comes to bargaining, Humans have no equal. Well, maybe the Orions.

By the way, the 2225 galactic census figure reported that there were 282.4 billion Humans within the Alliance. Of course there are many more in 2279.

The majority of Humans view the Galactic Alliance with disgust. It is seen as nothing more than an autocratic dictatorship, controlled by the Gen-Humans and Mutzachans. "The Alliance exists merely to create opulence for a few, at the expense of the masses." Some Humans have sided with the Rebel insurgents to fight the perversion. Although many are diametrically opposed to government policies and methods, most Humans realize that they are well off compared to the rest of the people of the Alliance.


Besides Gen-Humans, Humans control the most prestigious positions of power throughout the galaxy. Many contend that the normal Humans are less ego driven and care more about the masses as a whole. The claim is that Humans, not Gen-Humans, should run the universe. Of course this is a subject of much contention.


Their culture is driven by a need to absolve itself of guilt from the nuclear holocaust that almost destroyed their home planet. Many humans actively campaign against militarism. Otherwise, the various cultures of the future are as diverse and complex as those of the 20th Century.


The fall of 2010 saw the world in the grip of the Second Great Depression. Following three years of global drought, the Earth was in chaos. The Russian and Chinese economies had collapsed under the weight of widespread famine and hardline Communists had taken control. The European Union began to fall apart as its members squabbled over the diminishing food supply in Europe. The United States had taken an isolationist stance as it struggled to feed its own people. Everyone had written off Africa; the entire continent was starving, and a strange new plague had worked its way out of Uganda and was spreading like wildfire. In December 2010, the teeming populations of China and India erupted in massive food riots which were brutally suppressed. The UN condemned these actions but could do nothing as all the member nations turned their eyes inward to save their own.

In the spring of 2011 the world was a tinderbox waiting for a spark. That spark came in March in China. A group of ultra-nationalist Russian terrorists, in a bid to gain public support for their cause and cripple an ancient foe, smuggled a five kiloton nuclear weapon into China and detonated it near the newly completed Three Gorges Dam. Annihilating the dam and the city around it, the explosion released trillions of gallons of radioactive water, flooding millions of square miles. Hundreds of thousands died in the explosion and ensuing flood with millions more succumbing to the radiation.

The Russian government begged China not to hold it accountable for a fringe group's terrorist act. China didn't see it that way and launched a limited nuclear and biological strike against military targets in Russia. Acting under the power of the Bio-Chem Warfare Treaty of 2008, the United States rushed naval power to the western Pacific to blockade China in response to its use of biological agents on the Russians. A single Chinese submarine launched a nuclear torpedo at the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Carl Vinson, destroying it and its task force. The United States retaliated with a single MIRV strike on military bases near Peking. Global conflagration ensued. China immediately launched a full-scale nuclear attack on the United States, NATO, and Russia. Russia's corroded chain of command allowed it to respond with only 20% of its force, but its particle beam defense system shot down 30% of the incoming warheads. The U.S.'s orbital defense platforms destroyed 65% of the Chinese warheads. The nuclear detonations generated a powerful electromagnetic pulse that knocked out electronics across the northern hemisphere. This EMP pulse prevented massive retaliatory strikes by the United States, but came minutes too late to save China as ten U.S. ballistic missile submarines in the western Pacific launched all their weapons, virtually annihilating the country.

A mere three billion humans perished!


Humans possess the same frailties as they had in the 20th Century.


They are Humans. Does anything more need to be said?


Humans are the same in almost all aspects as their 20th Century counterparts, except that their life expectancy has increased to around 120 years. Humans stand 1.5 - 2 m, and weight 54 - 99 kg.

Favorite Item



Like Gen-Humans, most Humans wear fashionable skinsuits.


Earth. For some strange reason, unknown to the Gen-Humans, Humans want to revisit the planet Earth.


"Four bedroom, two bathroom, split level ranch house, Skimmer Utility Vehicle in the driveway. 2.3 kids, a twelve slice toaster oven, Tri-V, don't have an indoor holo-room but we are thinking about getting one next year."

Combat Tactics

Modern Humans can be notoriously nasty, much like their ancestors. Most Humans claim to be direct or indirect descendants of an ancient Earth culture known as Americans, who were known to be some of the dirtiest fighters around. These people were known to use any means to not get themselves killed.

General Occupation

Humans can take up any occupation. Most galactic military vehicles are designed to be piloted by Humans and they gain new levels of piloting skill easier than any other species. This applies to tanks, fighters, and all other types of military and non-military vehicles.

Favorite Foods

Beef: Served in any of a hundred different ways.

Blue Shenil: This fish is raised in the Mediterranean fish hatcheries. It tastes like a cross between flounder and crab meat.


Cats: The only beloved domestic animal left from the 20th Century. All the birds and fish were destroyed during the nuclear holocaust. Dogs were killed off by a mysterious plague in 2080. Most cats serve only as pets,. and have no combat value. There is, however, one particular breed of genetically engineered cat that possess intelligence: the Siamese Blue. This cat has crystal clear blue eyes, hence its name. The cat is as smart as the average Python. The Blue is normally used to warn a sleeping human of someone's approach. The cat has excellent hearing and eyesight.

God Complex: The Mutzachans unveiled themselves first to the Humans. Although many of the other races had encountered Mutzachans in the past, most meetings occurred on unpleasant terms. The fact that Humans were the first to be contacted on a friendly, long term basis by the energy controllers has lead many Humans to postulate that they are the Chosen People. The belief that they were specially chosen to fulfill the destiny of controlling the universe permeates Human culture. They were chosen to lead the Alliance, which only validates this self-fulfilling prophecy. This mindset offers equality to what would otherwise be an inferior cultural position. Many of the other races had long been exploring space while the Humans were still throwing rocks at each other. Almost all are physically superior to the frailer Humans. So Humans use the Chosen People argument to make themselves feel good. This arrogance is not accepted by the other races, many of whom believe that they belong at the helm of the Alliance's destiny.


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Sample Names

Be creative, or look at your birth certificate.

Home World/System:


View on Alliance:

The wheel of corruption turns. It is large. I am small.

View on Family:

It is very important overall.

View on Life:

It is a struggle of unprecedented proportions. The ultimate goal is to achieve happiness.

View on Self:

I think, therefore I am! I think.

View on Universe:

A marvel to behold. A vast garden, stretching to the outskirts of infinity. We have only sown a few seeds there. Our destiny is out beyond the farthest light.

View on War:

This is the greatest of all evils. Let none forget the past or they will be condemned to repeat it. It is the audacity of our brethren, the Gen-Humans, to believe in war. We must dissuade them from su

Notable Statements

Where are my d10s?

Hey! Let's get some chicken wings! I want 50 "suicidal."

The Bills are great!

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