Ikrini's Quote

It took our homeworld's death for us to understand. Our homeworld gave us tremendous power and like foolish children we abused it, orphaning our entire race in the process. Perhaps we needed such a harsh lesson to finally control our inner fire, to have it do our bidding for the right reasons. We are offering this power to the Alliance though they still do not understand its scope.

General Knowledge

Very little is known of Ikrini and their culture, as they are somewhat reclusive and secretive when dealing with alien species. The Ikrini originally hail from Liara in the Crab Nebula, and are known to possess matrix abilities of a structurally new kind. The powers of these matrices vary, depending on the Ikrini's location. Scientists theorize that the Ikrini are actually capable of tapping into the kinetic energy in the area around them to power their matrices. A volcano or waterfall would be tremendous sources of power for Ikrini matrices, while static areas such as the space would possess less energy for the Ikrini to utilize.

The Ikrini have discarded conventional technology and seek to live in harmony with their environment. Ikrini are so in tune with their surroundings that they have learned to recognize the subtle changes around them that are cues to the change of the seasons, bad weather, or even indications of animals passing through the area. Ikrini are so adept at spotting subtle changes in their surroundings that most can easily spot camouflaged personnel and equipment. They're also quite adept at camouflaging their own gear without disturbing the natural flow of their surroundings, making it difficult to spot. The Ikrini can use these finely honed senses to locate food, water, and shelter in just about any natural environment. Ikrini are also excellent swimmers. An Ikrini can survive in nearly any climate, though they prefer tropical or temperate climates. Ikrini abhor urban environments, because they feel out-of-touch with nature and their matrix powers are in a weakened state.

The Ikrini have also mastered biotechnology and use synthetic organs and symbiotic organisms to enhance their own physical and mental capabilities. The Ikrini, with some reservations, have applied to the Alliance for protectorate status, since the Arachnid invasion devastated their adopted homeworld of Enilari. The Mutzachans and the Gemini support the admission of the Ikrini. Their entrance is also supported by many of the lobbyists of weapons-development corporations who want to get their hands on Ikrini biotechnology. Barring unforeseen developments, it is expected their protectorate status will be approved before the end of 2280.


The Ikrini are tribal and live in small, closely-knit clans. Each clan has a Speaker to handle negotiations with outsiders, yet no true leader. Each clan has a fixed territory where it makes and enforces the law as they see fit. Clans send representatives to inter-clan meetings to decide matters that require uniformity in their adoption among the clans.

Many ignorant individuals consider their lack of leaders and the absence of recognizable advanced technology in Ikrini society as signs of a primitive culture. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. The Ikrini discarded their tech level 5 (TL5) society when they were forced to abandon their original homeworld, Liara. The modern technology that allowed the Ikrini to have a TL5 society was partially responsible for the destruction of Liara. As a result, the Ikrini still retain all of their knowledge and understanding of conventional technology, but their current technology is based solely on an environmentally friendly, organic-based, biotech, which they have developed to tech level 7.


The Ikrini ethos places heavy emphasis on the concept of responsibility and awareness. It could be summarized as, "Do what you will, but always know what the consequences will be, and be prepared to accept them." This philosophy gives rise to their environmental concern. The Ikrini relate particularly well with Humans, as both species have nearly destroyed themselves. In addition, both species share a determination to avoid repeating their mistakes.

The Ikrini have had a moratorium on weapons development since their departure from Liara. Though conventional and bio-tech weapons are not, per se, illegal on the Ikrini's adopted homeworld of Enilari, they are exceedingly rare and the Ikrini loathe to use them. Since the Arachnid invasion, the Ikrini have been debating whether to import conventional weapons and armor from corporations in the Alliance. Currently, the Ikrini have refused to import conventional weapons, hoping that their entrance to the Alliance will come before the next Arachnid attack on Enilari. If they are accepted, as an Alliance protectorate, the Alliance fleet will make the need for weapons irrelevant. The Ikrini have, however, been covertly purchasing conventional armored suits and making organic copies. If word of this rampant patent infringement ever escaped, the powerful lobbying of the armor manufacturers might hamper the Ikrini's entrance into the Alliance.


The Ikrini developed matrix abilities early in their evolution, roughly 25,000 years ago. They utilized their control over the planet's power to quickly make themselves masters of the environment, raising massive stone cities across the face of their world. Tapping the geothermal potential of their planet gave them almost limitless power. However, as is repeated again and again in the galactic tome of history, some individuals began to seek ways to use the planet's power as a weapon. The Ikrini waged The Planet Wars. As the Ikrini unleashed unfathomable powers upon one another, entire continents shattered.

The indiscriminate use of geo-kinetic power soon resulted in the destabilization of the planet. Earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanoes, and other natural disasters erupted as the planet neared self-destruction.

The Ikrini were forced to put aside their differences and started joint efforts to develop space travel. They succeeded in this endeavor in a remarkably short period of time and were able to colonize a new planet, Enilari, before their home annihilated itself. However, tens of millions of Ikrini still perished because of the lack of starships to transport them.

Humbled by this self-inflicted disaster, the Ikrini vowed to begin anew. They began pursing a new theory on which to base their technology, one in harmony with their society and their environment. Eventually, the Ikrini discarded their conventional mechanistic technology in favor of sophisticated biotechnology. Now machine parts are grown rather than manufactured. Instead of inert metal, living tissue composes most Ikrini technology. Some devices require food to function, and they will die without sustenance. Other lower-power devices use a chlorophyll-equivalent to generate power from sunlight. Ikrini designers genetically engineer their inventions rather than design them in the conventional sense. The Ikrini possess an organic equivalent of almost every technological device present in the Alliance, with the exception of weapons, which are so highly regulated, they are in effect banned on Ikrini worlds. In 2223, the new Ikrini homeworld was targeted by the Arachnids for invasion. Ground troops first attempted to engage and destroy the planet's inhabitants, but were unprepared for the fury unleashed on them by the Ikrini's matrix powers. Withdrawing, the Arachnids, grim in their resolve, strafed the planet from orbit. Thousands of Ikrini perished before an Alliance Exploration Fleet engaged the Arachnids, beating them back. This established contact between the Ikrini and the Alliance.

The adopted Ikrini homeworld is a testament to the Ikrini's engineering skills and their devotion to nature. The Ikrini have sculpted the surface of their world into a paradise of lakes, waterfalls, gardens, and other natural splendors. The planet is quickly becoming known for its enormous water parks as the Ikrini allow more and more Alliance tourists to visit in hopes of endearing themselves to the Alliance government. Unfortunately, the Arachnid orbital bombardment destroyed many of the natural monuments on the Ikrini's adopted homeworld.

The Ikrini must now decide how to rebuild their world and defend it from a possible second Arachnid assault. The loss of their original homeworld to their own self-destructive tendencies has deepened the Ikrini's resolve to repel the Arachnid threat and defend their adopted homeworld. This has led to the Ikrini requesting admission to the Alliance. Many Ikrini view the Alliance as an organization composed of self-destructive, shortsighted, technophiles; characteristics the Ikrini have long since outgrown and now despise. Because of corrupting influences the Alliance may introduce into Ikrini culture, many Ikrini consider admission into Alliance the lesser of two evils. Despite their reservations, membership in the Alliance offers the Ikrini the protection of the formidable Alliance fleets which are needed to fend off any full-scale arachnid invasion.


The primary weakness of the Ikrini is that the strength of their matrices is dependent on locale. In addition, Ikrini loathe space travel, for it leaves them feeling isolated from their kinetic energy power sources.

Ikrini are enormously susceptible to alcohol; the equivalent of one stiff drink will make them go absolutely 'round the bend.' Picture the worst horror stories you've heard about someone over-indulging in alcohol. That's what happens to an Ikrini after a beer.


Ikrini are hesitant to use weapons other than melee weapons; especially weaponry not based on biotechnology.


The Ikrini are humanoid with ivory skin and metallic golden hair, which falls in a mane down their backs. They have two digit hands and a prehensile thumb. The average Ikrini stands roughly 1.7m tall and has a slender build. Their diet consists of lichens and small insect-like creatures. Ikrini reproduce sexually, and are capable of producing offspring only once in their lifetime, with a few exceptional couples able to reproduce twice. The average Ikrini lives roughly 200 years.

Adult Ikrini commonly implant genetically engineered, synthetically created, organs into their bodies. These synthetic organs function like cybernetics, allowing the Ikrini to enhance their physical and mental capabilities. Unlike conventional cybernetics, these synthetic organs are not susceptible to electrical and EMP attacks. However, any poisons or toxins that affect an Ikrini likely disable these synthetic organs as well.

Favorite Item

Through near perfection of their genetic and bioengineering skills, the Ikrini have developed symbiotic organisms that can temporarily enhance their mental and physical attributes. Ikrini consider melding with these life forms the ultimate expression of their oneness with nature. These leach-like organisms vary in length from 3cm to 10cm, and come in a variety of colors, which usually indicate their function. Symbiotes are carried by the Ikrini in a special container that keeps them in a state of hibernation.


Ikrini clothing typically consists of a loincloth and tunic. This simple attire is usually embroidered with intricate designs. All Ikrini clothing is derived from organic sources and is both durable and comfortable. The cloth is flame-resistant, tear-resistant, and impregnated with microscopic organisms that make the garments self-cleaning and wrinkle-free.


Ikrini love mountains, waterfalls, and other places where they can appreciate the awesome power of the planet.


The Ikrini have built their homes around the landscape so as to avoid disturbing the natural splendor of their planet. It's not uncommon to see the native flora growing right into an Ikrini home or to see residences built around boulders rather than moving them. Ikrini homes blend in with their surroundings and are almost completely hidden to the untrained eye. Ikrini yards are lovingly and painstakingly manicured to enhance the natural beauty of the native flora.

Combat Tactics

When provoked, an Ikrini will use his or her matrix abilities to unleash the fury of a planet's power while observing from a safe distance. If the Ikrini's matrix powers are weakened because of the lack of a suitable environment, they will close the distance and engage their opponent in hand-to-hand combat, relying on their symbiotes and synthetic organs to augment their effectiveness in combat. Ikrini typically use archaic hand weapons in one-on-one combat.

General Occupation

Ikrini in the galactic community often find employment as geologists and environmental advisors. Others find jobs as landscape designers and civil engineers. Ikrini are also hired by exploration parties and mercenary teams as scouts and trackers. The Ikrini clans have forbidden Ikrini with knowledge of biotech design and engineering to share this information with non-Ikrini.

Favorite Foods

Bug-equivalents. Ikrini love bugs! It's not uncommon to see an Ikrini scout lifting up rocks looking for his next meal. Many Ikrini take pleasure in watching other species squirm in discomfort while they eat creepy-crawly critters. Ikrini also supplement their diet with vitamin-enriched lichens.


Many Ikrini come to view their Symbiotes as their pets, despite their short lifespan. Some even go so far as to name them, usually based on their physical characteristics like color or shape.

Ikrini appears in:

Galactic Underground 2


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Sample Names

Ersai Uku Ne'aise "Ersai" (f)

Home World/System:

Liara/Crab Nebula

View on Alliance:

Blinded by their pursuit of technology that is not one with their environment they lose sight of their surroundings. They bring both salvation and corruption for my people.

View on Family:

We all share the gift of life. We are all family.

View on Life:

One can mold and shape himself with the help of other life forms, enhancing his ability to live in harmony with nature.

View on Self:

I seek to peacefully co-exist with nature with the help of my fellow life forms.

View on Universe:

The harmony in which we are all but a small part. By observing the universe, we can comprehend a little of its wonder and beauty.

View on War:

Foolish. Those who make war do not consider the consequences. Learn from your mistakes. Do not repeat them or face extinction.

Notable Statements

Mmm. I love to eat bugs. The squirmy ones are the best!

Has anyone seen my purple symbiote? I think it crawled away again.

I will not use your foul metal weapon.

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