Kizanti's Quote

Cower before me vermin, for you have met your end!

The Phentari genocide against our people is now over; the time for revenge has come. Our world and Family has been lifted out of the darkness by our blood brethren, the Eridani; long live their Empire! They have shown us the ways of the blade, and shown us the Alliance where our natural abilities will make us leaders and conquerors.

Ferron has cleansed and purified our people, allowing only the best to survive. Our beloved homeworld has also given us our greatest natural asset-displacement. With this power and the teachings of the Buddon Priests, we can protect our world and reach out and grasp the soft, yielding races of the Alliance. Woe unto those who would deny us, for we are ready to grease our scabbards with their blood.

General Knowledge

The Kizanti are a secluded race of humanoids, indigenous to the planet Ferron in the distant Karanies star system in the Fornax galaxy. The race is composed of extremely arrogant, war-like individuals who view the universe as an arena to hunt Phentari and other inferior lifeforms. Most Kizanti are bent on the destruction of the squids, who almost succeeded in eradicating the Kizanti in 2078. Consequently, Phentari senators have successfully blocked their acceptance into the Council of Timar.

The Kizanti homeworld, Ferron, is a Shade World. It exhibits anomalies consistent with Motaran Rift phenomena. A Shade World is a planet that exists in a quasi-dimensional state where, from time to time, the planet is visible to the naked eye, but cannot be reached or affected by any normal means. The occurrence of Shading, as it is called, is completely random. A Shade World is not affected by the realities of this universe nor can it affect this universe. Shading lasts for a few weeks at a time. At all other times, the world is completely accessible. A spaceship could enter orbit and land on the planet's surface during non-Shading times.

Kizanti physiological makeup is rather similar to that of Humans from the Sol system. Unlike Humans, however, they all have extreme musculature, red oval-shaped eyes, and no external ears. Most Kizanti undergo plastic surgery to have false ears affixed, and wear contact lenses. This allows them to pass as Humans, unless scrutinized.

All Kizanti have the natural ability to displace themselves short distances. This ability can not be explained but may be related to the Motaran Rift-like phenomena present in and around Ferron.


The Kizanti conduct their public affairs through a military dictatorship very similar to the Eridani's. The government decrees that all Kizanti who wish to travel the galaxy must attend the Military Candidate School at Swintash for their entire adolescence. Due to the government's strict training requirements, the displacers actually receive more military training than the Eridani. The Kizanti Government has a strong civil rights policy, and adamantly defends the precepts of Kizanti freedom, as long as they follow orders. The government follows no such policy toward other races, especially the Phentari.


Kizanti culture stresses the importance of the family unit. Most Kizanti lost someone in the Great Carnage, and the further expansion and propagation of the Kizanti is central to the race. Many Kizanti wear an amulet called the Star of Anguish as a reminder of the brutality inflicted upon them by the Phentari. Although most Kizanti are bent on the destruction of the Phentari, some view this attitude as extremely hypocritical.


Ferron is an extremely inhospitable ice world where survival is difficult and only the fittest survive. The Kizanti hunted animals and each other for food and had only evolved to the Stone Age when the Phentari discovered them during a period of non-Shading in 2078. The squids invaded the planet and employed their superior technology to exploit and enslave the race. Soon, the Phentari began exporting the Kizanti to mining colonies on the frontier. Millions were taken from their home world to die in the mines. The Phentari gleefully slaughtered the remaining Kizanti, to keep them from retaliating in the future. This event became known by the Kizanti as The Great Carnage.

Unfortunately for the squids, a large number of Kizanti escaped captivity and found safety in labyrinthine caverns below Ferron's ice covered surface. Once the Phentari left what they thought was a desolate planet, the survivors emerged and set out to repopulate the world and avenge their lost race.

The surviving Kizanti were rediscovered in 2101 by an Eridani exploration ship whose fleet commander listened with utter disgust to the tales of the Phentari crimes against the Kizanti, and offered assistance to the survivors on the planet. He then transported a delegation of refugees to Eridine, where diplomatic relations were opened between the two races. The Eridani offered the Vengeance Protocol to train any Kizanti in the arts of war and to fund any clandestine operation which would result in the extermination of Phentari. In exchange, the Kizanti agreed to work on other specialized missions for the Eridani. Of course, this matter never became public; such a clandestine agreement would greatly disgrace the Eridani nation. As a result of the Protocol, all Kizanti are thoroughly trained before they begin traveling across the galaxy. They also speak fluent Eridani.


Kizanti possess the same sort of weaknesses as normal Humans and other sentients. If they have any other weakness, it is their zealous desire to kill things. Kizani tend to be impetuous when it comes to killing things that they consider inferior.

Another liability is the lack of diversity in the development of the brain during childhood. Survival on the Ferron ice world led to the development of a Darwinistic "survival of the fittest" nature, so much so that Kizanti often have problems learning non-military, non-physical, or non-weapons skills.


Kizanti appear to many as the biggest hypocrites in the universe. They claim to love and cherish life and freedom, but many kill with open zeal and hold others in contempt.


The Kizanti warriors are physiologically superior to normal humans. The race isn't prolific; females reproduce just once every 10 years. The Kizanti do have incredible longevity, and often live to 250 years or more.

Favorite Item

As with Eridani, nothing is more precious to an assassin than his sword. Kizanti are quick to pay up to 10 times the value of a sword to have it enhanced with gold inlay and ceremonial engravings. The number of kills is etched into the pommel of each Kizanti's blade.


Kizanti wear studded leather products, preferably Phentari hide. They wear their hair in the customary Eridani mohawk fashion, short and cropped. There are maverick assassins who wear their hair long. This is looked upon with extreme disdain.


Kizanti hang out in the same types of places that Phentari do, mostly battlefields. They are also quite fond of weapons and often lurk in gun shops, quietly scrutinizing the merchandise.


Kizanti are big on dark, peaceful homes. They are nocturnal beings, preferring to sleep during the day and hunt at night. Kizanti particularly love to kill when the moon is full.

Combat Tactics

Kizanti are so ruthless that one wonders what tactic they wouldn't use. They are direct, to say the least - not necessarily dishonorable, but a far cry from above reproach. This has caused some strain between the Eridani and Kizanti governments.

General Occupation

Most Kizanti work for Eridi-Corp as Phentari eliminators. Other Kizanti obtain positions as military advisers for governments and corporations.

Favorite Foods

Strangely enough Kizanti love PB&J, but it absolutely must be cut diagonally.


Kizanti have an odd compulsion to leave a "marker" when they displace during leisure time. They love the idea of a dog waiting for them at their displacement origin spot, but this is the 23rd century; dogs are extinct. As a result, most Kizanti keep a pet rock as their displacement marker. Often this gets elaborate decorated. The "rock" is not always a literal rock, but can be a ball (Wilson!) or any other object. The strangest Kizanti marker on record is a 1963 Pontiac Tempest.

Kizanti appears in:

Galactic Underground


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Sample Names

Kworilor-Est, Seth Callissarious

Home World/System:

Ferron/Karanies, Fornax

View on Alliance:

This pretentious mockery is filled with contradictions. It should be replaced by a form of government like ours. Of course, any such government without Kizanti in all major positions of power would al

View on Family:

There is nothing more important than one's family. Its survival is paramount.

View on Life:

It is a treasure that can never be replaced. Never forget that it can be taken at a moment's notice.

View on Self:

I am the truest of survivors.

View on Universe:

It is a sewer full of various kinds of vermin that need to be eliminated. Any of them could turn on our race at anytime.

View on War:

It is evil, yet necessary. Wiping Phentari slime out of the universe is a holy war. The only good Phentari is one that hangs on the wall above the fireplace!

Notable Statements

I kill by need. I live by reason.

We're having chopped squid for dinner.

I have a permit to carry some 2,000 different weapons.

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