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Mazian's Quote

The universe is a panorama of nothingness, beautiful and unreal. We were spawned like others to search out and taste every corner of it. I am blind and yet see better than most who have eyes. I understand that the only measure of life is how much one is able to taste, to experience. War and killing are basically ridiculous. There is plenty of mud for everyone to wallow in. People should share with each other, not try to take from one another. Why fight when we could just as easily ooze together?

Life is wonderful. You spend it reaching out through the darkness. Every adventure is a welcomed one because you can "see" where to go.

General Knowledge

This amphibious being is an anomaly in the evolutionary process. The Mazian is an amorphous being, able to change shape so as to resemble other objects. Hence the nickname "Changeling". It is normally a gellike amorphous being, each cell existing as a separate entity and yet working in a harmonious symbiotic relation with the other cells around it.

The Mazian has no central nervous system; rather the outer layer of skin is composed of a neuro-mesh network. This neuro-mesh is very sensitive, and the Changeling's node covered body allows the Mazian to sense ground vibrations out to 100m. The nodes are also extremely sensitive to sonic vibrations. Thus, sonic based attacks are deadly against the jelly balls.

The blob has no internal organs, except a cen tral ganglion mass which scientists have proven to be some kind of brain. Because of its structure a Mazian cannot take a critical hit. It is an asexual being that reproduces every 10 years. It eats by absorbing liquids into its body. The Mazian can absorb small objects (hand grenades included) for temporary storage. Changelings cannot see, but have evolved a complex form of sonar which allows them to distinguish shapes out to 250m. They have a fantastic sense of smell, able to detect residual odors better than a bloodhound. Mazians also have limited light sensitivity that extends out to 5cm; this allows them to read and see colors.

The Changeling's ability to change its form makes it the ultimate espionage/infiltration specialist. The Mazian begins the game the ability to mimic the most simple shapes, such as rocks. As the Mazian learns to control the cell metamorphosis, its chance to accurately duplicate something increases. At high levels, a Mazian can easily replicate a humanoid form.

When attempting to replicate, the Changeling flows over an object, internally records the physical matrix, then copies it. Mazians often pay handsome amounts of money for Internal Flex Networks (IFN) to aid with replication. IFNs are flexible joint structures that can be manipulated into basic skeletal outlines. The Changeling uses the skeleton structure to enhance its ability to duplicate complicated shapes like living creatures. The IFNs allow the Mazian to support its body vertically.

Mazian PCs begin the game with a voice emitter, allowing them to communicate normally.

Mazians also have some other benefits that go along with their shape changing abilities. They do not take critical hits. Due to their sonar and neural network they can essentially "see" in 360 degrees. Also a Mazian is able to wield up to 4 pistols at once and attack up to 4 targets simultaneously. They can also "fire" grenades out of their body.


"What government?" If we need to do something, we all get together and do it.


Mazians are very social beings and are often found stacked on top of each other, ten to twenty deep. The Changelings like the idea of being close and have no problem with personal space. The Mazian hierarchy exists in that the biggest get to shove the smaller guys around. But why would anyone want to do that anyway?


Mazians are a very intelligent race, yet never managed to develop space travel because they have no means to manipulate heavy objects and they have no sight. They were first discovered by the Cizerack in 1011 B.C. Strangely enough, the two races developed friendly relations.


The most predominant weakness of Mazians besides sonic attacks is radiation. High doses of radiation burn the blob. Their neural net is also highly susceptible to electrical attacks.


These guys are the definition of quirk.


The blobs typically communicate by making deep grunting sounds which carry well through water. When on land, the Changeling sends coded messages by thumping itself against the ground. It can send these messages up to 800m to another of its kind. Pythons are the only other race that has been able to decode ground transmitted messages. Naturally this ability is rare, since Pythons aren't known for being brilliant. To communicate with other races, the Mazian uses a voice emitter.

A full 15% of all Changelings are born with a chameleon ability. Life Expectancy: 50 years. Mazians weight 18 - 31 kg.

Favorite Item

Mazians have no favorite item per se. They enjoy anything that happens to be inside them at the time.


Mazians don't wear anything at all.


Mazians prefer to hang out in mud puddles.


The same mud puddle.

Combat Tactics

Mazians don't want to get into combat at all. If they have to, they often crawl around in the grass, strategically dropping off little goodies, such as mines which they can hold inside their bodies while moving.

General Occupation

Changelings are usually hired as espionage agents due to their uncanny skill at infiltrating enemy positions. They dislike Chatilians because of the their natural ability to locate them. Furthermore, Chatilians utilize sonic based attacks which can be deadly to a Mazian.

Favorite Foods

Any small living organism that happens to be around when it slithers over it. Mazians prefer the texture of things rather than the taste.


Mazians have no use for pets.

To Fly Like An Eagle: Well, maybe not an eagle. How about like a frisbee. Mazians demonstrate a pronounced love of flying and try to "get into the air" whenever possible. The amoeba enjoys the gliding sensation, claiming that it stimulates its skin sensitive, neural-network. The Mazian turns itself into a saucer-like disk and is able to maintain this shape during flight. Typically, the amoebae shape changes into a ball and has one of the Python races throw it into the air. Once released, the Mazian shape changes again, only this time into a thin, disk shaped frisbee. It uses the air currents to carry it along, and an advanced shape changer can manipulate its body to control direction of flight.


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Sample Names

(none, as they have no sense of individuality, given by co-workers, may adopt any number of names and change them at will (which drives Alliance bureaucracy nuts)
Droopy, Thupp Unglup, Trouble

Home World/System:

Karas/Beta Comae Berenices

View on Alliance:

Useless. What reason is there for anyone to want to control another?

View on Family:

My biological offspring? I haven't bumped into one of them in a while.

View on Life:

I ooze through it with great comfort, examining the external makeup of everything. Some guys get over. Me, I slide.

View on Self:

My construction is perfect for discovering the true nature of things.

View on Universe:

A fantastic object of unimaginable proportions. It's too big for me to fathom, though I would ultimately like to ooze over every inch of it.

View on War:

It is nonsense. Each side tries to ooze over the other in an effort to win a piece of land which we could all enjoy.

Notable Statements

Where the Hell am I?

Oooh! This feels great!

I'm the psychedelic dirtball!

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