Misha's Quote

The smooth surface of time ripples as I touch it with my mind. The patterns and vortices reveal moments and visions that I must interpret and share with those of more limited vision.

I must pity those who see time as merely a linear progression, a beginning and end; such a limiting concept.

Only the subconscious of most sentients is in tune with the true nature of time, but only in the smallest degree. These "dreams" as you call them are your only window into the full truth of time. The future, the past, the present; all are one in time. The Mutzachans have come the closest to understanding, their immense lifespan allowing the time for introspection needed to see the truth. The barrier they speak of, preventing travel into the future, is a fallacy. They know it, although why they deny it is only slowly becoming evident to us.

Dream as you may. We will be there to guide and protect you in your brief touch with the truth of time.

General Knowledge

Speak to me Dream Merchant and tell me what you see. Speak to me Dream Merchant and advise me of the path that I should take. Answer me Dream Merchant before it is too late.

Misha (sometimes called Dream Merchants) are small, demure, transparent beings from the Vego star system in Sculptor. The race is frail and delicate with completely transparent bodies. Misha have incredible intuitive powers. They are methodical and rational beings who enjoy life and the quasi-real paradox of sleep. They are called the Dream Merchants because of their pronounced ability to see into the future. Dream Merchants are able to predict events. They are able to commune with time. Scientists have produced data which corroborates the theory that the past, present, and future exist at the same time. Misha confirm this belief and use their special powers to manipulate the future. Misha adamantly insist that the concept of a single time continuum is a two dimensional perspective. They claim that they actually interact with time to affect its ebbs and tides.

Misha wander through life with a perpetual empty stare in their milky white eyes, a silly smirk on their faces, and never appear to truly hear what others say. They constantly yawn and complain about how tired they are, even when they're not. They walk hunched over, and give the appearance that they are about to collapse from fatigue.

All Misha begin the game with the innate ability to generate Clairaudience and Clairvoyance. Young Misha are taught the precepts of entering the wonderful and dangerous world of the Dream State. Here, the Misha learns to meditate deeply, surrendering the body to the power of the mind. He learns to see himself as a wave being swept along by the tide of time. With long, tedious hours of practice, the youngster enters the first level of hyper-consciousness, or what is known as The Dream World. The Dream Merchant is able to scan the world around him from a detached perspective.


Misha believe in the precepts of democracy and the governing body for the Misha people is called the Body of Thought. Officials are elected to a 5 year term and no appointee can be elected to more than two terms in a row. The democracy contains some socialist philosophies. Poor Misha do not starve, and at the same time GPP (Gross Planetary Product) is high. The Center for the Control of Life takes care of Medical and basic autonomic needs. The masses of Dream Merchants are therefore quite happy.


Dream Merchants are devout believers in polygamy. Males marry anywhere from 2-20 wives. Women understand the natural need for men to be prolific. There are 10 women for every male. Misha men do not understand the equality of women and Cizerack hate them with a passion.


Misha have been under attack by the Krakeds on all seven of their planets for the last 5 years. All efforts to appease the belligerent outsider have failed. The Krakeds take young women for slaves, and many a Mishon has died to prevent the taking of the young. The War of Nightmares, as it has been called, has left more than 1,000,000 brave female soldiers dead. Currently, the Mishon government is desperately trying to stave off destruction by entering the Alliance. The annexation of the Mishon worlds is currently up for ratification by the Council of Timar.


Hallucinogenic drugs are dangerous to Misha. The effect is to destroy the Dream Merchants ability to Dream.


Most Misha are narcoleptic, falling asleep without any reason at a moment's notice. One minute you are having a deep conversation about the need for males to possess multiple spouses, and the next minute he is fast asleep. This narcoleptic event occurs most frequently when there is imminent danger.


Misha women seldom bear male children, reproducing only once every ten years. Thus, there is an extreme shortage of men in the population. Females carry out many manual labor positions. The secretion of the anti-adrenal hormone causes sleep and prevents the species from being predisposed toward violence. Misha are transparent and their blood is clear. The Dream Merchants live for up to 90 years.

Favorite Item

The drug Di-Methyl-Sodium Pentalate induces a state of Deep Dream. Misha love sleep and use this drug to increase the clarity of their Dream states. The drug increases the base chance to perform any Dream. Side effects include a persistent rash and nausea.


Dream Merchants wear skinsuits. The race seems to feel uncomfortable in the presence of others, where the transparency of their bodies can be seen. This makes them feel extremely self-conscious. Even when it is hot out, Dream Merchants are bundled up.


Misha have no particular hangout, except for holo-rooms.


The Misha home is a lavish spread, usually containing 6 or more bedrooms. The home has a very sensual quality to it, and male Misha are known as great lovers. Holo-rooms produce wonderful pseudo-Dream states and rich Dream Merchants have them built into their homes.

Combat Tactics

The Dream Merchants use their talents to predict the outcome of events, like crossing open areas where there may be a minefield in place. Misha Scrying abilities are often used to locate enemy positions, but failed in the attack of the Krakeds (see below).

General Occupation

Misha are best utilized as guides in the open terrain and as espionage specialists.

Favorite Foods

Misha can't get enough sugar. They are constantly engulfing SREs (Sugar Real to Eat). Perhaps this has something to do with their transparent body and lack of energy.


Misha have their own breed of cat that is much larger than a normal cat. The Quibble (Misha for pillow) is twice the size of an Earth cat, and all of that extra mass if pure fat. Basically you have a big, fat pillow with legs.

Misha appears in:

No Man's Land


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Sample Names

(melodic sounding, "mellow" names)
Allomora, Mossnerashophennoie, Paler Node, Shallaron

Home World/System:

Vego, Sculptor

View on Alliance:

The only pertinent question is, will they defend us from the tyranny of the Krakeds.

View on Family:

I really need to purchase a bigger bed. My wives have to sleep in other rooms. I like to snuggle up with all of them at one time. Everyone should be born a male!

View on Life:

Misha alone are able to reap the full benefits of being alive. Others only appreciate living 2/3 of the time, being effectively dead while asleep. Me, I love taking naps, where I can truly experience what it means to be alive.

View on Self:

I am but a wave that washes to shore in the vast ocean of time.

View on Universe:

It is all but a tiny part of the space time continuum, and thus an integral part of the dream world.

View on War:

I suppose it is necessary, but we'd all rather be home snuggled up with our wives. It is nice to be able to stop a bullet that would otherwise end one's life.

Notable Statements

Doing the Wild Thing 10 times a day can be tiring.

If I could be left to dream my life away, then I would never wish to see the light of day.

I take four or five naps a day. What is the problem with that?

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