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Knowledge equals power and my race has been around longer than all of the others combined! My ancestors have explored the vast reaches of the universe, in search of knowledge and wisdom. There is something special about who and what I am. My race has been chosen by fate to be the caretakers of the universe, to shape and mold the future into something better. The most powerful individuals in the universe are not Humans, nor are they Eridani. They are Mutzachans. They are the Vision of Eight who sit in the first seats at the Council of Timar. I dream of being able to wield such power as they do, to grasp it and unleash it from my hands. It would be wondrous to fold a galaxy, completely obliterating everything inside. But I realize that this yearning for power must always be kept tethered. It should never be used against innocent people. Power is a tool and should only be used as such. Evil comes from within. Power is only the delivery system.

I have been able to reflect on things for years, which have been but fleeting moments to me. Thus, I understand power and its uses. The Council of Timar yielded control of the Alliance to Humans for a reason. It prevents them from wanting to play god!

General Knowledge

The Mutzachan is probably the most powerful of all the known races. They have the innate ability to manipulate energy forms and can use these forms to generate tremendous amounts of power. Mutzachans with high intelligence scores earn bonuses when generating. Energy Controllers cannot properly generate while wearing heavy or mechanized body armor, for it disrupts the harnessing process. The cost to generate when wearing these armors is doubled. This does not include helmets. These melon heads, as Humans call them, love energy in its raw, uncorrupted form. They view the storage of energy as useless. Thus, Mutzachans must purchase specially insulated energy based weapons which cost fifty percent above the retail cost. Otherwise, they would suck the energy dry to get a rush.

Mutzachans are indigenous to the planet Trishmag of the Germinga star system. They are small, bipedal humanoids, with large heads and large pale green eyes. The energy controllers are by far the most intellectually advanced race in the known galaxies. Their brains have almost twice the convoluted surface area of Human brains. However, they pay for this with an inherently weak physiological makeup which is extremely susceptible to disease and infection. The entire Mutzachan population is less than 400 million, and their culture has almost been eradicated twice due to plague.


The Mutzachan people are ruled by an oligarchy called the Vision of Eight. This body used to be known as the Council of Timar. However, when the Alliance was formed, its governing body was named the Council of Timar, and the eight member body changed its name to avoid confusion. Note that the Vision of Eight are also the Mutzachan representatives to the Council of Timar. The Mutzachans have established a peaceful unity among themselves; they haven't fought an internal war in some 200,000 years. Most Mutzachan societies are communal.


This culture emphasizes knowledge above all else. Children attend public schools for 150 years, until they have reached adolescence. Upon reaching the age of consent, the Mutzachan finds a Mentor to teach him for the next 100 years or so.

Energy Controllers are generally law abiding. Some view adventuring as a boring pastime that is only engaged in by the unenlightened. Mutzachans are required by Galactic Law to wear a robe or other visible article of clothing that denotes their matrix using skill.


Recorded history predates 400,000 B.C. Chronologies, kept in the Mutzachan libraries, suggest that they first developed space travel around 110,000 B.C. Trishmag's surface contains abnormally high levels of the radioactive elements Uranium-235, Plutonium-255, Di-tritium-305, Rutolium, and Korilium. Hence, Mutzachans have developed an immunity to all but the highest levels of radiation and can actually feed off radiation to speed up the recovery time necessary to generate. A Mutzachan's idea of sunbathing is lying out where the radioactive decay emissions are about 200 rads/hour. In comparison, .01 rads/hour is considered safe for humans.

Darwin's theory of the survival of the fittest applies to all aspects of life on Trishmag. In order to survive, the Mutzachans had to learn to overcome the planet's natural instabilities by learning to manipulate energy structures. All children are required to attend school year-round in order to learn the controlling matrices, and do so quite willingly. The best students attend the Cotarzchadin, dreaming of one day being taught the most powerful of energy matrices, Mutzia-cieve (time travel).

Energy Controllers share a friendly relationship with Humans, having first made contact with them before the birth of Christ. It was the Mutzachans who helped the Egyptians to build the Pyramids. In 2051 they made contact again, offering technical knowledge necessary to build starships in exchange for medicines and medical knowledge. The friendship prospered and in 2086, the Mutzachans helped Humans build the first stargate.


Mutzachans can be killed by the radioactive isotope Korilium-312. Korilium emits deadly gamma-2 rays which can kill an Energy Controller in short order. This isotope is rare, but can be found on the Black Market. Possession of Korilium carries the Death Penalty.


Mutzachans like to keep pet rocks, usually a hunk of Uranium-235 or something neat like that. These inquisitive beings are always trying to solve unanswerable questions like, "What is the origin of everything?" Energy controllers are forever trying to hold deep conversations and often drive others away who don't have the foggiest idea what the Mutzachan is babbling about.

Mutzachans love to head-butt others just for the fun of it. It is stylish to wear a head band if you are a Mutzachan head butt kind of guy.


Mutzachans engage every month in a strange ritual of cleansing the body, a "Rinse Day." They go into isolation and purge themselves by draining most of their blood, which is clear.

Mutzachans have a very low fertility rate, reproducing once every 100 years. The average life expectancy for a Mutzachan is about 2,000 years. Mutzachans stand 1.2 - 1.5 m, and weight 36 - 63 kg.

Favorite Item

As noted before, Energy Controllers love anything radioactive. Most Mutzachans would love to have a built-in reactor in their dining room, but this is considered somewhat impractical unless one is affluent.


Mutzachans wear thin, translucent clothing called Gia under their robes. The average length of a Mutzachan robe is 2.5m. Mutzachans become very offended when others step on their train.


Just go to the local power authority if you are looking for Energy Controllers. Mutzachans like to just hang out outside of a fission or fusion substation and dream of what it must be like inside the core, to be covered in the pulsing warmth of the "blue light." Of course even Energy Controllers can't survive being exposed to such a massive radiation exposure, but they are free to dream about it!


These beings live in great edifices made of glass and steel. These palaces are the rave of conversation and engineering masterpieces. A typical Mutzachan home has 5 floors and 25 rooms. Mutzachan architecture advocates the change of room dimensions and geometric shape. Some rooms are round while others are triangular or square.

Combat Tactics

Most Mutzachans don't enjoy combat, but when thoughtfully employed, Mutzachan powers are deadly.

General Occupation

Most Mutzachans are hired as crew on board starships to work the complex ion drive engines. They learn physics and engineering skills easier than other species, due to their natural coexistence with energy and radiation. Others find jobs at spaceports and a few bold Mutzachans get hired out for combat as matrix controllers.

Favorite Foods

Sirim: Small lizard, indigenous to the planet Trishmag. Sirim tastes similar to Earth chicken, but sweeter.

Caril Juice: Taken from the Caril tree. This tastes like raspberries.

Radioactive Minerals: Mutzachans also supplement their diet with mildly radioactive substances such as Uranium-238. Needless to say, most other races don't like to be too close to an eating Mutzachan.


Viggit: These huge, ugly, turtle-like creatures have powerful jaws and razor sharp teeth. They are able to eat through rock at a rate of 5m per day. Viggits only fight if cornered. Otherwise, they flee. They have an exceptionally tough hide.

The Ritual of Cleansing: Mutzachans live a symbiotic life. A microscopic parasite called a Reed Worm lives inside the Mutzachan's body and acts to clean his blood. Reed Worms take the place of a Human's kidneys in form and function by consuming and digesting poisons which would otherwise be deadly to the Mutzachan. Furthermore, carbon dioxide is a by-product of this process and plays an important part in the respiratory function of the Mutzachan's body. These parasites eat bodily poisons and grow in size, eventually threatening to clog the Mutzachan's veins and arteries. The Mutzachan must drain his blood monthly, for if it is not drained, the uncontrolled growth of the parasite will eventually induce a coronary failure, blood clot, or stroke. The lost blood must be replaced with fresh blood, about 3 liters. Consequently, the Mutzachan is forced to carry blood transfusions when operating in the field. The Mutzachan has a chance of dying from stroke or heart attack should a transfusion not be available.

Bi-Polar Intellect: Certain genetic mutations manifest themselves in Mutzachans. Bi-Polar intellect characters function as idiot savants. "BPs" suffer from manic depression and violent mood swings brought on by stress.


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Sample Names

Bluerazor, Ehleniuss, Frolish, He-lar, Henry, Markuss, Thorigsal Rogenheart, Weemus

Home World/System:


View on Alliance:

By the constructs of its fundamental being, it serves to balance out competing forces in a most harmonious fashion.

View on Family:

Merely a social form.

View on Life:

It is an ongoing process, balanced and exact. My purpose is to investigate the opportunity to gain knowledge through this medium.

View on Self:

Only through enlightenment can I become great in stature.

View on Universe:

The entity which I ultimately serve. Its grandeur encompasses everything.

View on War:

It balances out the nature of things.

Notable Statements

Einstein had no idea of what he was talking about. The truth is...

Do I really talk that much?

I resent being called a Melon Head.

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