Orion's Quote

I live for the thrill of it all! Is there anything wrong with that? Don't you realize that you only get one chance in life to experience everything? 10,000 years from now you're going to be nothing but sedimentary rock. As it is, you are mostly recycled ocean water, a little bit of decomposed tree, some soil, with a sprinkle of alkaline earth metals added in for flavor. I live for excitement and I'd travel anywhere or do just about anything to get some. It is great to be alive, to feel, to be a part of things. People have a misconception about us. I'm not some dumb, juvenile child that has never grown up. I am an adult who understands the wonder of being a child. Behind our dashing smiles is a sharp business mind and a sharper sense of awareness.

Orions live for their emotions and, unlike a certain other race, don't try to pretend that they don't have any. I am not inhibited by my emotions. I am strengthened by them. If I feel the need to laugh, I laugh. If I've been hurt, then I'll cry. It is OK to be real, to feel. So I seek out life to experience it all. The ups, the downs, everything. Prisons are no good! But that's a different matter altogether.

General Knowledge

The Orion is the troublemaker of the Galactic Alliance. This happy-go-lucky menace can always find a quick way to get himself into trouble. He is terribly curious, interminably devious, and forever mischievous. Orions look almost exactly like Humans, except that the Orions have seven fingers on each hand and possess pointed ears.

Orions tend to hang out in the seedier parts of town, looking for adventure. Orions are eternal hedonists, appreciating the fleeting nature of life. Orions also like to test the limits of the volume and type of materials they can consume.

Orions party more than all other races combined. They love nothing better than to sneak on board an outgoing starliner and go some place to party for a while. Orions take great pride in their "sneakery," teaching each new generation the art of sneaking aboard spaceships. There are mandatory classes where kids go and learn how to sneak.

Although they may act like clowns, Orions are actually quite cunning. People love their company, and Orion are quite good at striking bargains with the sucker who is eating up everything that he says. Orions are persuasive and gain bonuses when attempting to persuade and barter.


The Orion government is a syndicracy. Each member on the Economic Council represents some planetary business interest. The Economic Council is loved by the people because business is thriving and Taos is the hub of galactic trade. The powerful business moguls retain the support of the people by not levying taxes, and by providing free public housing, school, and medical care for everyone.


This culture is the quintessential melting pot. Every race, species, and subspecies can be found somewhere on Taos. The people are friendly, inquisitive, and greatly enjoy the presence of foreigners. The people of Taos are free to do whatever they choose, as long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of others. However, traveling Eridani are severely restricted, a problem that continually fuels the enmity between the Orion and Eridani.


Many archaeologists speculate that the Orion is a direct descendant of the Atlanteans. Others refute this, arguing that there is no record of any migration, and that the Orions didn't develop space travel until 2403 B.C. How they came to evolve 7 fingers per hand and pointed ears is also a mystery.

Orions first developed space travel with the unlikely aid of the Phentari. Both peoples faced invasion by the hostile Eridani forces. With the assistance of the Phentari, the Orions built intragalactic spacecraft, then spread their people out across the emptiness of space in order to ensure the race's survival. The Orions and the Phentari formed the Kwashime Alliance in 1770 B.C., then mounted an all out offensive and defeated the Eridani at the Battle of the Three Powers over Eridine. The two unlikely allies are still close and have open trade routes.


Orions become "spot junkies" very easily. The Orion must avoid the temptation to do the deadly hallucinogenic drug blue cocaine. When taken by Orions, this cocaine derivative causes powerful hallucinations which last for days. While drugged, the Orion is completely disoriented and very susceptible to manic depression. Many Orions yearn to try the drug once, curious to see if it is as good as others say it is. Prudent Orions avoid blue cocaine at all costs.


Orions are notorious smokers, legal or illegal, often taking time out to light up in the heat of battle. Non-smokers are a rarity on Taos; the big gripe that vacationers have when they come to Taos is that there is always a cloud of smoke lingering in the air.

Orions tend to view danger with a tinge of humor. If you are going to die, then it will certainly be eventful. So why fear it? It does you no good.


Orion reproduce in the same manner as Humans and Gen-Humans. Humans and Gen-Humans find their small, pointed ears appealing. The average life expectancy for an Orion is about 120 years. Orions stand 1.5 - 2 m, and weight 54 - 117 kg.

Favorite Item

Their favorite item is anything that once belonged to you that is now in the Orion's pocket. He thanks you for your supreme generosity.


Orions commonly wear a kilt-like skirt called a Bwal. The family colors are embroidered on the Bwal and are a sign of social class. The Orions were quite pleased to find out that an ancient Earth culture called Scots wore Bwal-like apparel. Since this discovery, many Orions have adapted the musical instrument called bagpipes, which were common to this ancient culture. If you ask an Orion who he is, he may very well tell you that he is a Scotsman from Taos 4 and offer to play you a tune on his bagpipes.


Orions prefer to hang out in bars. The most popular Orion Bar is Mogs, a seedy and dangerous establishment on Taos 4.


Their homes are filled with junk, forever cluttered with stuff that every other person would find totally useless. Orions also love maps, and the walls of their houses are covered with them. It must be stated that the lounging room where the Orion keeps his pipe and beverages is kept immaculate. Naturally, every Orion male has his own favorite chair!

Combat Tactics

The Orion's favorite combat tactic is the one that produces the most wonderful and startling results for the moment. Consequently, many Orion love explosives and grenades which produce lots of noise when they are detonated.

General Occupation

Seven fingers per hand is a great asset to Orions. They are sometimes hired as factory workers in assembly plants, where they are paid an average of 20% more than their fellow workers. Most Orions are bored with the concept of manual labor; the often childlike race prefers the danger and excitement of space to the drab confines of planet bound factories.

Orion will catch a "hop" just for kicks. Why work when one can reap the liberties of somebody's unzipped pocket? Normally, this is how they make their living.

Favorite Foods

Steak: The Orion have a penchant for this ancient, rare Earth dish. The steak is broiled and served with Dorium onions and a slice of tasty Black Crus Bread.

Marrek: A small, green lizard, imported from the planet Rah. Served piping hot with Boluigue.


Furbl: The Orions keep a cute furry little creature called the Furbl whose description matches its name. It has no combat value, but is nice just the same.

I Look Good: Fashion is a big part of the Orion culture, where clothes are a status symbol and one's dress has a direct impact on one's social status and acceptance. Appearance is extremely important in the Orion culture, which advocates the philosophy that if it looks good, then it probably is good! People are initially judged on what they look like, more than what they have to offer. First impressions are always lasting impressions. This sort of shallow elitism has raised some criticism against the Alliance's prodigal sons.

For many Orions, the reason for joining the mercenary corps is glamour. It's a high profile life-style that warrants the attention of the public, and the universe's biggest hams just love to hog the spotlight! Orions often spend more on clothes then any of their galactic counterparts.

"So what if I spend more on clothes than weapons. Hey, if I die, at least I'll look good. My gun costs three thousand. That ain't Dujack. This shirt, 5,000cr on sale!"

Orions often pay more attention to their wardrobes than they do to their equipment. Everything is a fashion statement. Most Orions dress superbly, preferring the business attire of white shirt and tie. Other Orions wear some of the most outlandish and gaudy clothes imaginable as a way of making a statement about who they really are. It is not odd at all to see an Orion walking around in a 2,000cr Armani suit with half of his head shaved, the other half dyed purple, and wearing a nose ring that hangs down to his belt!

The Scottish Theme: Ever since there was the first comparison of the Bwal to the Scottish kilt, Orions have been calling themselves Scotsman.

"Hi! I am a Scotsman from Taos 4. Glad to meet you. Would you like to hear a little tune on me bagpipes?"

It is a cute but annoying trait that is as much a mystery as it is truth. There is much speculation about the origins of Orions and Humans, and whether or not the races are distant cousins. Anatomically, the two races are identical, with the exception of the Orions' extra two fingers and pointed ears. The DNA patterns of the two races are otherwise exactly alike, something that most scientist dismiss as being purely coincidental. So what is the link? And where can the answer be found? Well, Mutzachans aren't telling and no conclusive proof has been uncovered by archaeologists, one way or the other. The fact that the Orion's Bwal uses the same colors as the ancient Earth Scottish tartans is enough for some to make a fuss. Twenty five years ago, an Orion by the name of Duspar started a fashion trend that has lasted until today. He began calling himself a Scotsman from Taos 4.

Nowadays, thousands and thousands of Orions have gone out of their way to make sure that everyone that they meet knows that they really are a Scotsman, something that infuriates descendants of the actual Scottish people who once inhabited the European continent on the planet Earth. Orions are always asking if you want to play a game of Kubel! You pick up the equivalent of a telephone pole with both hands, and see how far you can throw it! Of course, many Kubel throwers have died as a result of injuries sustained when playing the game under the influence! Lesson to Be Learned: It doesn't pay to drink and Kubel.

Playing the Bagpipes: Certainly one of the most irritating things in the universe is being forced to suffer through an Orion who is trying to convince you that he is some sort of expert on the bagpipes. There is no key of "Q" and listening to a Orion trying to squeal out "Over the Seas to Sky" can be rending to the soul! Then he finishes and asks you how you liked it. Most people can't hide the fact that they think their ear drums have been ruptured! The worst part is realizing that you hurt his feelings.


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Sample Names

Arlos Koradine, Artemis Raila, Corwin McDougal, Jerred Makhouse, Katlin O'magod, Micah O'Rierden, Rahar McCain, Sean Mulligan, Trellor McCain, Tyrus Gloriel, Vlad McSween

Home World/System:

Taos/Chi Orionis

View on Alliance:

I question the need for such a bureaucratic body. Hey Dude, let's party!

View on Family:

My brothers are pretty lame. They never make last call.

View on Life:

What a great adventure. Don't take it too seriously though. It is fleeting. Just enjoy the party!

View on Self:

I have only begun to unravel the mystery. The answer will undoubtedly be deathly cool!

View on Universe:

It's one massive blow out!

View on War:

I think planets should party together more often. If you have a problem, you party with each other until you solve it or until no one cares anymore. Hey Dude. I heard that the planet Crossroads is having 10,000 kegs next month in

Notable Statements

I double dare you!

Man, am I hung over!

I wonder what will happen if I push this button?

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