Phentari's Quote

My predisposition toward violence and causing pain suits me just fine. All the little things in the universe have been put there for my amusement. If others can't understand me, so what! They aren't worth the elements that were used to construct them in the first place. The fact that most of the other races hate me and my kind only serves to validate my disdain for them. It isn't killing that is fun, so much as watching little things writhe in pain! If you are going to kill something, you might as well torture it first and have some fun with it.

I work for the company and they don't like me much. I don't care much for them either. I collect a paycheck. That's all. So I can't kill the Eridani outright, but I sure can belittle him, taunt him, scrutinize every error that he makes, and point it out. This lets him know that I am aware of his imperfections.

Deep down inside, I realize that some of my hate is unjustified. Then again, everyone has gone to great lengths to ensure that Phentari are vilified at every turn. Many are just looking for an excuse to kill me outright, or have me thrown in jail. Vigilante squads hunt us down for play, claiming that all Phentari should be destroyed. Some of my hatred is a defensive manifestation of the prejudices acted out against my race by the "in crowd." I am Phentari, and by nature, the enemy. Well, if I am going to be an enemy, I might as well be a damn good one! Finally, all squids share the same last name, Phentari. It is what binds us together as a people.

General Knowledge

The Phentari are the most mistrusted, disliked, and feared of all the Alliance races. They are bipedal squid-like beings with generally nasty dispositions toward life, and are sometimes called names like Grim Reaper, Cold Death, Demon Spawn, and Soul Sucker.

Phentari are indigenous to the methane planet Phena in the Tau Ceti star system. Phentari have four sinuous arms, each of which is capable of independent action. This allows the squid to target and fire multiple weapons, or perform multiple independent actions simultaneously. A Phentari can attack no more than two different targets in any given instant, but may use more than one tentacle to engage them. When using edged weapons, the squid attacks like a mobile cuisinart. Multiple tentacles also allow the squid to climb quite well.

Phena has a 20% methane atmosphere and like the Eridani, the Phentari must wear an atmospheric processor when operating outside of a methane environment. Phentari are not liked by most other races who view them as evil and treacherous. This suits the Phentari just fine, for he holds all weaker beings in utter contempt any way. Many Phentari follow the philosophy of, "All fear me. Those who don't, I have already disposed of!" The squids understand their own version of persuasion, which is coercion. Why would there be any other method of getting someone to do something for you? The only races that the Phentari actually like are Orions and Tza Zen Rigeln. Phentari do respect those who are powerful, but they deplore cowardice.


The Phentari people are ruled by a militocracy. Phena boasts a huge army that is prepared to go to war at a moment's notice. The government has sworn that it will never be ambushed by the treacherous likes of the Eridani. It rules with an iron fist and thus there is some strife among Phena's people. There exist two factions of the military: the ruling Darmine government, and the Solmal. The Solmal claim that they can improve the living conditions of the people and have gained some support from the masses.


Phentari culture advocates superiority. Somehow, after fifteen civil wars the people have avoided any further conflict among themselves. They prefer to subjugate others to their will. The most powerful and cunning Phentari are exalted and all children worship the great Jaquassarious Phentari, the most notorious fugitive in the galaxies. Heroes (most others consider them villains) are the icons of Phentari society.


Phentari history is strange. They first developed interplanetary travel in 4226 B.C. This industrious race set forth to develop intragalactic travel and in 4012 made a breakthrough on translight technology. Within decades, Phentari vessels swept out across the galaxy. In 3431 B.C., while exploring the uncharted Piscium star system, the Phentari exploration vessels were ambushed by Eridani warships and destroyed. The smooth running Eridani military juggernaut quickly hunted down the Phent ari colony planets and slaughtered their inhabitants.

Desperate, the Phentari sought the aid of the Orions, whom they had only heard of through intelligence reports. Actually, the Orions were to be the next Phentari victims, but that fact matters little now. The two fate-sealed allies acted quickly to defeat the Eridani, with the legendary Phisicus Phentari leading the naval assault on Eridine.


Bounty Hunters are susceptible to mercuric poisoning, as are the Eridani. The difference is that Phentari love to use mercury on their victims.


The quirk that stands out the most about Phentari is that they see no problem of offering to help granny across the street, just so they can kill her when she gets to the other side.

It might not seem like a quirk, but Phentari prefer the taste of Human above all other dishes. These carnivorous squids pride themselves on being excellent chefs and have found hundreds of ways to serve up their favorite meal.


The squids have raspy voices that hiss when they speak. Phentari make a noise like the sound of the wind when they breathe. Female squids reproduce every 4 years. After mating, the male must escape with his life. If he fails, he is killed by the female for his lack of cunning. The test proves the resourceful nature of the Phentari male. The male and female must agree on terms for the ritual before mating and though they seldom admit it, most male squids fear their wives.

Squids live to be 150 years old. A Phentari will fully regenerate a lost "arm" in 1 month. Phentari stand 1.8 - 2.1 m, and weight 86 - 136 kg.

Phentari have two eyes that are set into deep sockets on either side of their head. These sockets are elongated, enabling the Phentari to move each eye forward and back, within the socket, giving each eye 180 degree range, this allows them a full 360 degrees of vision.

They have an independent "mini" brain that controls each eye, but with cross communication between them. This allows the Phentari to focus (aim) on two different directions fully at the same time. However, these two directions must be on opposite sides as their eyes are on opposite sides of their head.

Favorite Item

Phentari love to collect skulls, mounting them above the mantel in their homes. Any Phentari worth his spit has a couple of dozen.


Phentari love to wear the color red on their flashy black cape (which is called a Dward). Many Phentari brandish their number of kills in the form of hash marks embroidered on the sleeve of their capes.


Bounty hunters take time off from work to visit cemeteries, military museums, and old battlefields.


Phentari take much pride in their homes, which are always kept spotless. Squids enjoy fireplace equivalents (safeguarded from explosion) and keep trophy skulls on the mantelpiece above it. Many Phentari dabble in chemistry, loving to concoct new poisons. The wealthy even have chem labs built into their abodes.

Combat Tactics

Phentari bounty hunters employ any tactic that is adequate to get the job done. Given a choice, they will choose the most sadistic method.

General Occupation

Some squids are found working for Galactic Death Squads; however, most Phentari prefer more respectable jobs such as Bounty Hunting. Phentari approach this job with the zeal of a child; "Killing is great sport, especially if you're getting paid for it."

Favorite Foods

Tof: This plant can only be found in the ice caves of the planet Uranus in the Sol system. It is a delicacy.

Human: The Phentari prefer the taste of meat, and Human is a rare delicacy to the most uneducated of consumers. It can be served in over thirty sumptuous ways! A good way to score some dinner is to challenge a human to a Duel.


None. They don't live long enough to be defined as pets.

Grave Diggers: Many contend that the Phentari's predisposition toward digging up and desecrating any grave that they come upon is nothing more than a crass attempt to incite fear in others and cause needless and wanton destruction. Phentari claim that grave robbing is a way of making sure that one's enemy has been truly vanquished and that the victor deserves to reap the spoils. History does record this ancient art of ritually digging up an enemy's grave to ensure that he was actually killed. Phentari are known for their cunning and in the past, many a squid has faked his own demise in order to escape retribution by a foe. The grave is dug up to verify the actual death, and to make sure that the victim wasn't buried with anything that the squid may interpret to be his own. By law, any enemy that is justly killed forfeits all rights of possession to the victor.

Note: Modern day Phentari are known for digging up any grave that they come upon, whether they have ever encountered the deceased before or not. They claim that everyone is their enemy and thus reserve the right to inspect anybody's grave.

Molting: Phentari have rough skin that is coarse and bumpy. The squids shed their skin like a snake, once every six months. The dead tissue is quickly replaced by new skin. While the skin recovers, the squid is susceptible to disease and infection. The regrowth period lasts approximately 2 weeks. Phentari who have recently molted become pale red and sickly looking.

Dakzal: This anti-violence movement of the Phentari people is gathering backing by those who do not wish to be perceived as evil. When they were discovered, Dakzal were branded by an ultra-violet DNA print scanner that cannot be removed. The brand is the Phentari peace symbol and was placed over the right breast. It was lawful to maim a Dakzal without question. Killing them was frowned upon as their punishment was a lifetime of pain and misery. The Phentari government has recently passed legislation that being a Lum Ri (Vile One), or Dakzal, constitutes an act of treason, punishable by death. Hunting parties are out looking for all those who were branded to exact final justice.


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Sample Names

Ardincuz Phentari, Melarisarrious Phentari, Phelinssarious Phentari, Sorgie Phentari, Ssithisarious Phentari, Tarsk Phentari, Tranquarrius Phentari

Home World/System:

Phena/Tau Ceti

View on Alliance:

To be vanquished along with the weak peddlers of its faith. But not now. The time isn't right. One day the universe shall be the bastion of Phentari might.

View on Family:

It serves absolutely no definitive purpose. It merely is what it is.

View on Life:

It exists as a forum for my natural superiority over the weak and pathetic.

View on Self:

I am the supreme being.

View on Universe:

To be conquered.

View on War:

The triumphant example of spirit. The process of natural selection where only the strong survive.

Notable Statements

I'd like the Super Deluxe Human Combo with a side order of french fry equivalents.

You're under arrest butt head. What for? I don't know. Don't worry, I'll think of something.

I am going to torture you until you expire. Your screams shall invigorate me. Time to die, you pathetic excuse for a life-form... !

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