Python Lizard

[pi-thon liz-erd]

Python Lizard's Quote

The Rams get all of the publicity, but we are the spirit of Pythos. We aren't a bunch of dumb lizards like the Rams. You think they are greater, just because they are stronger. We are smarter and we live for honor just as they do. We fight for glory just as they do. What we fight for the most is freedom, the right to live as we please, to make our homes where we want to. This is not just for ourselves. We hold the same truths for others. All people should have the right to live free, without the threat of being killed. This is what I respect. Rams are just dumb lizards with big egos. Oh, by the way, don't forget; we won one of the wars!

General Knowledge

The Pythons are a huge, powerful race of lizards, indigenous to the planets Pythos and now Ashira of the Mu Virginis star system. These great reptiles are the backbone of Galactic Marine amphibious assault units; proud and defiant warriors whose lifelong ambition is to fight the ultimate battle. The Python is a veritable fighting machine. Unarmed, it attacks with both claws, a vicious bite, and its long prehensile tail all in a single combat round. They have a thick, scaly hide that provides them with substantial protection. These prehistoric dinosaurs are overtly aggressive. The vast majority of Pythons follow a strict code of honor and adamantly adhere to the precepts of law and order.

Pythons are aquatic beings, dwelling in the great swamp-like inland seas that cover much of the surface of their home planet. They don't hear sounds as humans do, but rather sense vibrations through their skin. Their sensory range reaches out to 100m. The lizards can dive to depths of 200m and are capable of holding their breath for up to 10 minutes. The drawback is that Python Lizards are sensitive to dry environments and susceptible to cold. When the temperature drops below zero degrees Celsius, Pythons usually crawl in some comfortable place and catch some Z's. Python Lizards can sense heat sources out to 100m. The lizards are generally less intelligent than their galactic counterparts. They generally accept their position as the preferred warrior race of the Gen-Humans. Python Lizards are much smarter than Ram Pythons, not that this is saying much. They have excellent leadership skills.


Pythons are some of the most territorial beings in the galaxy. The governmental infrastructure is clan-like, with the strongest clans controlling the most territory. The water boundaries are continuously contested and clans often invade fertile turf to gain new feeding grounds. However, the Python peoples drop their internal problems in order to fight the Ram Pythons, who from time to time, invade their waters in order to kill a few of the lizards.


The strongest males control the society. The great Python lords can dive to a depth of 200m, or do battle with the Cantuch (shark). Such deeds are held in high regard and are the topic of conversation.

Females are respected, and a pregnant mother is staunchly protected by her people.


Their history is characterized by war. The Pythons share their planet with their brethren, the Ram Pythons. The Ram is predominately a land lizard. The two races have fought three civil wars to determine racial superiority. The Python Lizards have won only once. The Ram is just too strong.

Both races despise the Cizerack, who invaded their planet. Pythons find the cat quick-tongued and deceitful. In 1856 A.D., the first Cizerack invaders attempted to coerce the Pythons into submission through trickery and deceit. The Pythons were wise to their machinations and terminated the Cizerack emissary at Makel. The vengeful Cizerack then declared war and invaded the planet Pythos. Without adequate weapons or technology, the Pythons were fighting a losing battle. In 1941 A.D., they were faced with dishonorable surrender or complete annihilation. They surrendered.

The occupation of the Python homeland lasted for 30 years until 1971 A.D., when Narsh of Makel led the Python people in open revolt. Eventually, the Cizerack withdrew, realizing the undaunted courage of the Python nation. In 2104, the Gen-Humans visited the planet Pythos. Wisdom prevailed and the Pythons were not tricked into submission. After much dealing with the visitors, the Pythons sought out an alliance and took the celebrated job of mercenaries for these strange little creatures from space.


Python Lizards cringe at the mention of the substance known as Blood Salt. Blood Salt is a powdery desiccant that sucks the moisture out of objects. Blood Salt dries so that it leaves painful skin lesions which heal very slowly. The effects can be corrected over time with the application of skin moisturizers.


Pythons enjoy Ancient Earth style Heavy Metal music.


The Python Lizard is generally an aquatic reptile. It can, however, exist out of water for extended periods of time.

The females of the species have reddish-brown colored hides and lay their eggs once a year. They lay some 200 eggs at a time and remain with them only for the first twenty days of the fifty day incubation period.

Pythons live to be around 200 years old. Python Lizards stand 2.4 - 2.7 m, and weight 204 - 272 kg.

Favorite Item

Fishing Poles. Python Lizards love the sport of fishing and carry a pole with them everywhere they go. Most Pythons think that this Human form of entertainment is great fun, although slightly stupid.


When out of water, Pythons wear a water secreting skinsuit called a Nub. The suit helps to keep the lizard's skin moist.


Pythons typically hang out near their feeding grounds.


The home is an underwater cave, preferably one with stalactites and stalagmites. The caves must be spacious and have multiple entrances. Pythons adorn the walls with pieces of coral and semiprecious metals. They often grow gardens of kelp near the entrances to their homes.

Combat Tactics

Lizards fight honorably, though with intense fervor. They love flamethrowers for some peculiar reason. They often like to spring out of the water to surprise opponents.

General Occupation

The Pythons are military warriors and are utilized as shock troops in the Galactic Marines, Storm Troopers, the GRF, and Galactic Police (where they exhibit unswerving loyalty).

Many Pythons choose to buy waterproofed armor and weapons. Environmentally contained armor is always waterproofed. The lizards pay twice the normal cost when taking piloting skill.

Favorite Foods

Grop: Worms and algae. The worms are 1/4m in length and should be alive and fresh when served.

Chakani: This deep sea fish from the planet Pythos has been exported to other planets. It is served raw with Bag algae.


Cag: A large turtle with two heads. This water born creature is formidable in its own environment. It swims at great speeds and can deliver a nasty bite with each head. If the Cag is taken from water, its skin dries up in a short time and it dies.

Singing In The Rain: Python Lizards often live out of water for extended periods of time, something that this race tolerates, but only barely. The lizards accept their situation, but look for the first opportunity to get back in the water. When it rains, they act like children, singing, dancing, and cavorting around in the wet. They are well known for doing belly slides in the mud and go absolutely crazy whenever it rains.

Python Lizard appears in:

Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century

Python Lizard

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Sample Names

(similar to Ram names, always at least three syllables, "Tar" means "Spawn of", last name is name of parent or idol or legendary hero)
Ephys-Tar-Merek, Grak-Tar-Nakh, Krim-Tar-Loann

Home World/System:

Pythos/Mu Virginis

View on Alliance:

It is our job to serve it.

View on Family:

My clan is great and powerful.

View on Life:

The time to fight.

View on Self:

I am the warrior.

View on Universe:

I don't understand something that has no beginning or end. Since I can't see beyond 50m, it doesn't matter anyway.

View on War:


Notable Statements

I like Mackerel (equivalent).

Something smells fishy. Ha! Ha! Ha!

I don't like you (uh oh).

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