Ram Python

[ram pi-thon]

Ram Python's Quote

I am not a big, mean monster. I am not a mindless creature bent on killing. People are afraid of me just because I am powerful. They seldom take the time to accept me for what I am. Being a Ram means I am bigger and stronger than others and I must fight to prove my worth. Those who mess with me don't understand that I will get pissed off, and rip off their heads. They should leave me alone. Any one who doesn't is in big trouble.

I am a simple creature who lives a simple life. I like playing, wrestling, and other child-like things. I love nature, pretty flowers, tall jungle grass, and the feeling of Ja (the sun) on my face. There are few things that I would rather do than sit on a big rock and carve myself a little figurine out of a piece of granite or something. I could spend all day doing just that. It is relaxing.

Then, after I have played, maybe go down to the marsh and pound the snot out of a couple of Python Lizards!

General Knowledge

The Ram Python is the single largest intelligent creature in the Alliance. This massive dinosaur is similar to his cousin the Python Lizard and is indigenous to the same planets Pythos and (after colonization by the Alliance) Ashira of the Mu Virginis star system. The primary differ ence between the two species is that the Ram Python lives on land and can not survive long periods in water. His skin coloration varies from a light gray to deep green-brown, depending on the season. This chameleonlike ability provides him with limited camouflage in forest, swamp, and jungle terrain.

The Ram is exceptionally agile for a being of its size. He is also superior to the Python in strength and agility. Now it is true that some Rams have an I.Q. two points above plant life and many couldn't spell the word "cat" if you spotted them the C and A. But what does it matter? Warriors don't care about spelling. They wage battles. The Ram has limited eyesight, but an incredible sense of smell. This race also has the ability to sense heat sources out to 100m.


The Ram Python government is clan-like, each tribe controlling a piece of turf. The clans are forever battling each other for one purpose or another. Each clan is headed by the Tomud (chieftain) who is inevitably the toughest of all the Rams. Any Ram has the right to challenge the Tomud in battle. If the challenger wins, then he becomes the new Tomud. The chieftain is respected only as long as he is strong.


Courageous Rams are held in high esteem. Each great deed is told to the tribe at the Sanu (monthly meeting). The most triumphant Rams are given gifts to adorn themselves. They wear these trophies on their bodies as a sign of status. Ram Pythons are greedy and love trea sure, coveting silver, gold, and other shiny objects. Never get between a Ram and his treasure. Orions often use aluminum foil when trading with Ram Pythons, "Hey man. Look at this beautiful trinket. I'll trade you your pulse cannon for it."


The Ram Python is generally chaotic in nature and thus does not get along very well with its counterpart, the Python. The two species have fought 3 civil wars over the last 5 millennia. Naturally, the Rams have won the last two. They enjoy beating up on the weaker aquatic lizards. The only thing better is trashing the demon cats.

Their entire history is just that, finding someone who is brave enough to do battle against them. Some of the greatest heroes in Alliance history have been Ram Pythons. The Legion of Honor is the highest award that can be bestowed on any individual. No race has been decorated with more of these medals than the Rams; one hundred twenty-three in all. Most of these have been awarded posthu mously, but this matters little to the great lizard. To die amidst the rage of battle is the greatest honor that can be bestowed upon anyone.

Neither Python race ever developed space travel. They had barely evolved above the Stone Age when the evil Cizerack intruded on the sanctity of the Pythons' simple way of life.


Due to their size they tend to have a lot of difficulty fitting into commonly found Alliance vehicles. Rams pay twice the normal cost when opting to take any piloting skill.


Tree climbing is the great pastime of Rams every where. They often bet on who can climb the highest in a tree without falling.

Ram Pythons, like their cousins, are lovers of ancient earth music, particularly Thrash Metal. Many Rams like the idea of walking into combat with the tunes cranked up, "It just sets the right mood for good combat!"


The Ram has a crest on the back of his neck which becomes hot and glows faintly when he becomes enraged.

Like all Python races, Rams live to be around 200 years old. The males choose their mate in a strange ritual where the strongest females are allowed to mate with the chieftain and his 10 strongest warriors. Ram Pythons stand 2.7 - 3 m, and weight 290 - 453 kg.

Ram Pythons have limited eyesight and can only see things clearly out to 50m. They generally accumulate their monies to purchase bionic eyes.

Favorite Item

Ram Pythons love Thwack'em Sticks, mood synthesizers, and food. Of the three, the great lizard generally prefers food.


Rams typically wear black skinsuits, adorned with their metals.


Rams love to go to wrestling tournaments. These special preview events are expensive because all the lizards have to sit within 50m to watch the match.


Ram Pythons live in great tree houses. The houses are grouped in clumps, all houses in one group belonging to one clan. The prestige of the clan is denoted by how high the houses are above the ground. Rams move about the trees by swinging on huge vines called Eia.

Combat Tactics

Run up to it and kill it. Another Ram favorite combat tactic is what has come to be known as the Death Knoogie. The Ram Python squeezes the head of his enemy until it squashes like a grape.

General Occupation

Like the Python Lizards, the Ram Python often works for Galactic Combat Services where it can exercise its innate desire to kill things.

Favorite Foods

Vatzig: This large, horned lizard is imported from the planet, Quatran. The lizard is normally let loose. The Pythons chase it down and kill it, making the meal that much more tasteful.

Agar: Blood and Mangar curry, jelled in the refrigerator. Agar is chilled until the blood coagulates.


Cudda Lizard: The Ram keeps a large, mean lizard for a pet. Why? Something to wrestle with when they get bored. The lizard is semi-intelligent, and attacks with blazing speed. The mighty Cudda strikes with its tail as well as its mouth in combat. A Cudda is unquestionably faithful.

Holes of Dejection: Ram Pythons are beings driven by emotion. It is a strength and weakness of the mighty lizard race. Their intensity makes them formidable opponents, for an aroused Ram is a dangerous foe indeed. Physiologically, Danjuine (an adrenaline derivative) is released into the blood stream in greater amounts as compared to other races. The effect can be so overpowering that the lizard loses control of himself and flies into a state of uncontrolled rage. (Hence, the propensity for Ram Pythons to go berserk or turn suicidal when angered.) However, uncontrolled emotion is not quickly accepted from Ram children, who are taught to obey their elders without question. Often, a child becomes angry for any number of reasons, and a young Ram Python is more than capable of wrecking havoc on his surroundings. Thus, whenever a Ram loses composure and cannot control himself he is told to leave the Cas and take his aggressions out on the earth, which is all-forgiving. The Ram goes out into the jungle and unleashes his frustrations on the ground, ripping up the earth with his powerful hands and feet. The lizard flies into a state of frenzy, releasing all pent up emotion, and Ram children have been known to dig deep craters in minutes. Howling often accompanies the digging, and it can be quite a sight to see a lizard losing his composure, throwing mountains of dirt into the sky while howling like a sick wolf!

Adult Rams still use hole digging as a means of dealing with their emotions. Often when a close companion is lost in battle, a Ram will fly into a state of rage and begin digging a hole. He will not stop until he has worn himself out and is unable to continue.

Note: It is utterly foolish to try to reason with a Ram who has "lost it" and most lizards simply turn on anyone who does so.

Mense: There are many Ram Pythons who believe that the Alliance is exploiting their race. It is carrying out a policy of legal genocide. Mense are the elite Ram scholars who believe that violence should be used as a last resort, instead of an initial method of settling issues. Normal Rams consider them to be nothing more than cowards.

Ram Python

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Sample Names

(single syllable often ending with -k for males and -ka for females)
Brok, Chet, Drak, Fredd, Gar, Grak, Gronk, Growl, Kaba, Kor, Mr. Bob, Targ, Tokk, Work

Home World/System:

Pythos/Mu Virginis

View on Alliance:

Is this something to eat?

View on Family:

I like to wrestle with my brothers.

View on Life:

I don't understand it.

View on Self:

No such thing as Python Einstein. Leave me alone. I like to kill things. You got a problem with this?

View on Universe:

No such word.

View on War:

If it moves, kill it. If it doesn't move, pick it up and kill it.

Notable Statements

I did not mean to sit on the little Human.

Mess with me. You get the Death Knoogie.

Here kitty, kitty, kitty. I got you, you little !@#!$%

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