Galactic Timeline

21550 B.C
The Mutzachans first experiment with the concept of Mutzia-cieve (time travel) on the planet Trishmag in the Germinga star system.
18760 B.C
The Mutzachans develop intergalactic space travel.
16422 B.C
The Veayan Plague wipes out 75% of the Mutzachan population.
14004 B.C
The use of nuclear weapons is prohibited on the planet Trishmag. The Council of Timar convenes to discuss the proliferation of such technologies across the universe.
13001 B.C
The Mutzachans encounter a hostile alien spiderlike race in the Canes Venacti globular cluster. This life-form is assumed to be an unbalancing force in the universe. The Council of Timar convenes to discuss appropriate actions.
12224 B.C
The birth of Makov, the first Chatilian Highlord.
12097 B.C
Death of Makov and the beginning of the Totalitarian Inquisition. The use of special powers is condemned on the planet Chatil. The "Illuminaries" are hunted down and executed.
12096 B.C
The Day of Stain is decreed when some 10,000 Chatilians are arranged in the central square of Glimix, the capital city on Chatil, and decapitated. Blood runs red in the streets.
11998 B.C
A Mutzachan war fleet is dispatched to Virgo to reduce the population of the spider race, as well as destroy undesired technology. Over half of the fleet is lost as a price for success, along with some of the greatest minds in Mutzachan culture. A 10-year period of mourning is declared.
11871 B.C
Mutzachans learn the truth behind the Arachnid threat. An emergency session of the Council of Timar is convened. Plans for dispersing the Mutzachan race across the galaxies are made as a contingency to all out war.
10786 B.C
A Dane materializes at the Council of Timar.
10671 B.C
The great civilization of Atlantis rises.
10231 B.C
Mutzachans encounter a wandering race of galactic nomads called Atlanteans. Friendly relations are established.
9110 B.C
The Mutzachans visit the planet Earth of the Sol system.
8911 B.C
The Chatilian Civil war begins with the Battle at the Palace of Patru. The "Illuminaries" unleashed the full wrath of their powers on the Normals. Thousands die in the slaughter. The next 57 years will see the Illuminaries carry out terrorist like hit and run raids against the government.
8854 B.C
The Chatilian Central Army masses for Soldiers Day at Morkudom. The Illuminaries attack in the bloodiest and final battle of the Chatilian Civil War. 65,000 are lost in the destruction. Four months later, The Peace of Knowledge is signed and the conflict ends.
7583 B.C
The flagship Atlantis and its contingent of expedition ships set out on a 200 year mission to the Magellanic Clouds. They are never heard from again.
7146 B.C
The orbit of Taos 4 shifts, warming the polar icecaps. Mass flooding and geological upheaval kill millions. A century of global warming passes and the planet's climate is permanently changed. Deciduous weather patterns prevail across the majority of the planet.
7000 B.C
Atlanteans settle on the third planet of the Sol system, amidst a primitive and warlike race called Humans. Eridani develop laser technology.
6904 B.C
The Eridani develop interplanetary space travel.
6525 B.C
Diplomatic relations between the Atlanteans and Mutzachans are severed over the refusal of the Mutzachans to allow Atlanteans access to stargates.
6523 B.C
A declaration of war is made by the Atlanteans against the Mutzachans. However, no battles are fought.
6299 B.C
The Mutzachans launch a secret mission to the Virgo super cluster. Rumors claim that all who participated perished, or worse! Another emergency meeting of the Council of Timar is held. The outcome is withheld from the Mutzachan people.
6137 B.C
The Mutzachans hold council with the Dane on the threat to the Universe. Little is resolved.
6108 B.C
Rebirth of the Sida-shiem and the "Illuminaries" rise to power again. The School of the Mind is built on Chatil to provide training for those with "The Power."
6101 B.C
The Eridani develop interstellar space travel.
5477 B.C
Eridani attempt to populate the planet Dia of the Kied A star system and are unexpectedly attacked by an alien race. Only the light cruiser Magas and the transport Mengias return.
5301 B.C
The Mutzachan exploration ship Guasgh disappears over Beta-Hydri.
5288 B.C
The beginning of the Shida/Ocason War amongst Chatilians. It will last for 87 years, followed by peace for another 1000 years.
4807 B.C
Eridani exploration vessels set sail for the Andromeda Galaxy.
4500 B.C
Queen Chea the 3rd of Eridine begins systematic extermination of "The Wretched" on the planet Vissu of the Wolf-922 star system.
4487 B.C
The Vissu escape through the net of warships surrounding their planet and flee out into the galaxy.
4309 B.C
Atlanteans populate the Lelande star system.
4300 B.C
The colony at TI-4 of the Lelande system is wiped out by a mysterious plague.
4300 B.C
The people of Atlantis suddenly disappear. Billions vanish within 2 years. The Council seeks the answer.
4288 B.C
The Eridani colonize the LFT-215 star system.
4226 B.C
Mutzachans secretly assist the Phentari in developing space travel, unbeknownst to the Phentari people.
4012 B.C
The Phentari develop interstellar space travel.
4011 B.C
The Eridani colonize the CD-18 star system.
4003 B.C
The Vissu reach the Orionus System and stumble upon the Orion people. They are welcomed.
4001 B.C
An Eridani expeditionary fleet is destroyed by the High Mage to the Council of Timar, Markuss, as it attempts to eradicate the inferior life-form known as Human on the planet Earth of the Sol system.
3500 B.C
A Dane changes the course of Python evolution by assisting Tar Pythos in building the vaunted Blade of Sharras. It will be used in the Pythos/Cameon War.
3497 B.C
Orions enter the agricultural revolution. The planet prospers.
3485 B.C
Phentari are first contacted by Mutzachans and warned of their practices against other races.
3477 B.C
The beginning of the Pythos/Cameon War (1st Python Civil War). Python Lizards leave their water homes to slay unwary Ram Pythons, in hopes of controlling the marshes and jungles.
3475 B.C
Tar of Pythos uses the energy weapon known as the Blade of Sharrass to turn the tide of battle during The Battle for the Jungle Highlands. He becomes High Chieftain to the Ram Python peoples and begins organizing the tribes.
3469 B.C
Tar, and his Clan Strong Hand do battle with the Grey Pythons at the Mudpits. Tar is slain and the Blade of Sharras lost. A power struggle begins between the tribes for position as the High Tomud.
3468 B.C
Clan Blood Tongue and Tree Knarl wage battle amongst themselves. Hundreds are killed. Internal disputes can not be settled and fighting breaks out between Ram clans all across the Deep Jungle.
3467 B.C
Python Lizards take advantage of the turmoil and launch an all out offensive and quickly crush the divided Ram clans. Taken completely by surprise, the great jungle lizards are quickly defeated. The Pythons banish the Rams to the Western Reaches, to live in the dry lands and salt marshes.
3431 B.C
A Phentari expeditionary fleet is approached by alien warships. The Eridani admiral in command of those ships broadcasts terms of surrender. The Phentari refuse and are destroyed. The Justification War begins.
3400 B.C
The Phentari retaliate and destroy the Eridani Flagship Mirini over Hemalan.
3382 B.C
The Orions enter the Industrial Revolution. It lasts for 90 years. Feudal landowners battle for control of the best land.
2599 B.C
Orions enter the technological age. Corporations take control of the planet's resources during the next 50 years. The planet continues to prosper.
2495 B.C
Phentari receive an anonymous tip as to the whereabouts of a potential ally to fight their battle against the Eridani war machine. Phentari scouts observe the Orion homeworld. General Arasarrious, Supreme Commander of the Imperial Naval Echelon, decrees that the Orions would best serve Phentari needs as cattle, and in that way serve as allies.
2492 B.C
Phentari war fleet sets sail for Betelgeuse. They are confronted by a small Mutzachan vessel. Aware of the imminent danger, the ships turn back.
2492 B.C
The Phentari make first contact with the Orions in the Orionus system. An emissary is sent to Taos 4 to discuss terms for an alliance against a potential enemy.
2403 B.C
Phentari collaborate with the Orions and assist them in developing space travel. Mutzachans block further technological aid to the Orions. The Zen world enters a state of peace.
2400 B.C
Orions colonize the Delta-Eridani system.
2356 B.C
Orions colonize the Ross 41 star system.
2010 B.C
Corporations on Taos 4 begin a controversial policy of slavery. The slaves perform manual labor in Taos 4's extensive farming complexes.
2007 B.C
Riots and massive strikes break out in the Western hemisphere on Taos 4 over the policy of slavery. The planet is threatened by civil war. Finally, corporations capitulate.
2000 B.C
A genetic mutation in male Cizeracks threatens the existence of the race. Fears are realized when the dominant females of the species exterminate millions of male cats. Surviving males serve only to reproduce.
1770 B.C
The Phentari and Orions form the Kwashime Alliance. They marshal their forces at Tezeras and launch an all out attack on Eridine. Eridine is virtually reduced to rubble.
1687 B.C
Coral, an Orion assassin, fails in his attempt to kill Viceroy Ericsal-idan at temple Buddon on Eridine. He is publicly tortured then beheaded.
1685 B.C
The Tradan (the Orionus stock exchange) is blown up, killing 1,200. The body of a Swordsaint is found in the rubble.
1600 B.C
Cizerack first develop interstellar space travel.
1566 B.C
Elite Eridani commando forces penetrate and destroy the Phentari starbase at Kalisk. The squids retaliate by attacking Eridani shipping over the next 6 months.
1499 B.C
A cease-fire is signed between Eridani, Orion, and Phentari diplomats. The very next day, Orion and Phentari naval forces destroy the Eridani colony world of Ramith. 1.5 million die.
1488 B.C
Phentari ground forces land and take control of the Eridani mining asteroid Neldrick-7.
1485 B.C
Eridine launches Operation Thunderbolt, a blitzkrieg-like offensive aimed at destroying Phentari means to wage war. Production facilities are struck at Erli, Manoth, Dwarn, and Lansoge. The planets Uto and Mask are completely destroyed. The savage victory rocks the Phentari government. A military coup, led by Field Marshall Phenerson Phentari overthrows the Phericon government.
1479 B.C
Negotiations are held between the Eridani and the Kwashime Pact under the watchful eye of the Council of Timar. The Accords of Hatil are signed. After 291 years, hostilities between the Eridani and the Joint War Effort end.
1322 B.C
The Zen enter the Age of Prosperity. The communal effort increases the living standard on the planet tremendously.
1066 B.C
After years isolated from their homelands and finally united, the Ram Pythons attack in mass and drive the Pythons from their lands. Two months later, Ram Pythons invade the Great Inland Sea on Pythos and slaughter over a thousand Python Lizards in what is known as the Battle of the Blood Flowing Sea. The Second Python civil war begins. It rages for 70 years before it ends at the battle of The King Slayers.
1065 B.C
Pythons begin hit and run raids against the Ram Pythons and move their feeding grounds into deeper waters.
1011 B.C
The Cizerack colonize the Beta Comae star system and discover the Mazians. Friendly relations are established.
1002 B.C
The Pythons meet in The Battle of the Jungle Peninsula. Both sides claim victory, but suffer heavy casualties.
998 B.C
Python Lizards move their major feeding grounds to the Wet Marshes in a remote and uninhabited part of the planet.
996 B.C
Ram Pythons discover the Feeding grounds. They mass their forces and attack, killing the high king of the Python nations and all who dwelled there. The Second Python Civil War ends.
222 B.C
The Mazians and Cizerack sign the Geanteras Peace accords and establish open trade routes.
220 B.C
The Ritual of the Vuldgreithe (execution) is first acted out on the planet Katrel. 200 Tza Zens are burned at the stake.
88 B.C
The Eridine and the Orion Republic sign the Taos Trade Agreement which establishes open trade routes between the two empires.
25 A.D
The Mutzachan expedition to the Carina Galaxy is destroyed by the Arachnids.
42 B.C
The Mutzachans declare a neutral zone within 20 light years of Germings to be enforced by the Council of Timar. The declaration states that any violation will result in termination of the responsible race. The purpose of this was to allow local races to evolve at their own rate.
395 A.D
Decline of the Roman Empire Begins.
571 A.D
The birth of Jaquassarious Phentari.
1156 A.D
The Phentari colonize Piscium.
1240 A.D
Grand Tour Assizza appears from the "grave" to save the Zen from a deadly plague, speaking the immortalized words that are carved in Zen legend: "Death is only temporary, power is immortal!"
1275 A.D
The Great Assizza takes the throne and the Zen Rigeln enter the Second Age of Prosperity.
1604 A.D
The Great Assizza dies.
1775 A.D
The American Revolution begins. It lasts for 8 years.
1850 A.D
The Great Plague all but destroys the Mutzachan people.
1856 A.D
The Cizerack make contact with the Pythons.
1857 A.D
The Cizerack emissary to the Python nation is murdered at Makel. The Cizerack invade the planet Pythos. Mutzachans abstain from intervention due to internal problems.
1914 A.D
Earth's first global war begins. It lasts for 4 years.
1930 A.D
Eridani enslave a race of blue humanoids called Zendareans.
1935 A.D
Ram Pythons overrun a weapons depot at Salas River, capturing a huge weapons cache. The Cizeracks respond by spraying the jungles with defoliant and nerve agent. Hundreds of thousands of Rams are killed.
1936 A.D
Cizeracks poison the Great Inland Sea on Pythos, killing almost 1/3 of the Python species in a single month.
1938 A.D
United, the Pythons and Ram Pythons launch what is known as the Martyr's Offensive against the Cizeracks, using captured weapons to retake lost territory.
1939 A.D
The second world war begins on the planet Earth and 55 million people are slain. It ends with the dropping of the first atomic bomb on the unwary cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
1941 A.D
The War Against the Lizards ends. One out of every four cats that fought died. The Pythons lose over half their number. Little is gained. Cizeracks withdraw much of their force, leaving behind strategic bases. A Mutzachan scout ship makes a forced landing on Earth in the United States of America and is captured intact, while its existence is successfully kept secret from the rest of the world for decades.
1945 A.D
Eridani make breakthroughs in pulse technology. The experiments are halted mysteriously. The Second World War ends on Earth as Humanity enters the Atomic Age. Mutzachan observation of Earth increases.
1947 A.D
A second Mutzachan scout ship crashes on Earth at Roswell, New Mexico, USA. The ensuing government cover-up only adds fuel to Human belief in extraterrestrial beings. Reverse-engineering of the two alien craft's technology provides an enormous boost to Humanity over the next several decades.
1969 A.D
Men land on Earth's moon.
1970 A.D
The Mutzachan exploration freighter Uranium Sun suffers engine damage and is rescued by a strange being who suddenly materializes on the ship's bridge and fixes the problem with the sweep of a hand. He calls himself a Dane and then disappears.
1971 A.D
Pythons rise up against the Cizerack and the occupation ends.
1973 A.D
Armed with stolen Cizerack technology, Ram Pythons invade the Great Inland Sea and butcher the Python Lizards. The wholesale massacre is called the Revenge of the Silent Blade in memory of Tar, the great Ram Python Tomud. The 3rd Civil War on Pythos begins.
1974 A.D
Ram Pythons launch another offensive to destroy the Python Lizards, once and for all. They use modified Cizerack technology to win the decisive Battle for the Inland Sea. Python Lizards capitulate and are rounded up, then slaughtered. The Ram Pythons begin a systematic extermination of the sea lizards when all of a sudden, their weapons stop working. A gold-robed Mutzachan then appears, hovering in the sky. He speaks, saying, "You have used technology to unbalance the otherwise equal force between you. This I must stop." He continues for awhile, then speaks a strange prophecy. "One day, Ram and Python shall fight side by side as brother and turn the tide in the battle for the universe. Thus, both races must be allowed to flourish. From this moment forward, I forbid any wars between you. All violators shall be destroyed!"
1975 A.D
A Ram Python army enters Python waters to destroy Python Lizards. The sea begins to boil and they are cooked to death. Shortly thereafter, the same gold-robed Mutzachan appears and threatens, "If you disobey my commands again, I shall be forced to terminate you. I am your superior in battle. Look at those whom I have defeated." A peaceful coexistence begins on Pythos.
2011 A.D
Nuclear terrorism, combined with rising tensions between East and West, triggers a "limited" nuclear war on the planet Earth. Nearly 1/3 of the planet's population perishes. Civilization is thrown into chaos as a nuclear winter sets in.
2012 A.D
The Western Defense Group is formed between the United Socialist States of America, Canada, and Brazil. This Alliance quickly becomes the dominant economic power in the world as they contain the majority of the planet's remaining arable land. They secretly begin funneling defense funds into the improvement of the International Space Station. The goal: a permanent colony on Mars and potential haven for the Human race if war comes again to Earth.
2020 A.D
Europe begins to get back on its feet. Trade begins again with the New World. Ethnic tensions build in Europe as millions of displaced Russians and Ukrainians try to integrate after fleeing their homelands, laid waste by Chinese nuclear and biological weapons.
2025 A.D
The global super-powers, (the Sino-Asian Alliance, the Western Defense Group, and the Pan African Congress), meet in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, at the historical site of NORAD, to discuss a joint effort to build a comprehensive space program. The intent is to colonize the entire solar system, as well as distant star systems. Early predictions about the rapid dissipation of radioactivity on the planet are wildly optimistic; species continue to die off at an alarming rate. A global effort known as The Ark Project is instituted to collect and freeze all animals' DNA samples. Human mutations begin to appear.
2026 A.D
Earth deploys the first multistage space platform from which future deep space missions will be launched.
2028 A.D
The first Humans land on Mars. It is kept secret from the world. The Human Genome Project finally bears fruit. Hundreds of diseases are cured at a stroke, saving Africa from virtual depopulation, and increasing average life expectancy to 95. Genetic enhancement seems a real possibility.
2030 A.D
The rise of the first mega-corporations, as multi-national conglomerates begin to take over governmental functions from nations unable to reconstruct themselves after the war.
2034 A.D
Humans establish a permanent colony on Mars.
2036 A.D
The New Norfolk shipyards are completed on Mars allowing interstellar shipbuilding to begin.
2049 A.D
Dr. Rosenthal develops Flex Steel.
2051 A.D
Mutzachans make open contact with Humanity and begin cleaning up the planet. They trade industrial technology for medicine. The Energy Controllers greatly accelerate Human technological evolution. Despite this, witch hunts to kill the aliens spread rampantly across the terrified world.
2052 A.D
Mutzachan scientists set out to clean up radioactive waste in the territory once known as New York State in the United Socialist States of America. This gesture of goodwill between races causes the witch hunts to subside and cultural relations are established. Mutzachans settle in the most radioactive clime of the United Socialist States, in the territories of the Greater Montana Desert, Wyoming, and North Dakota. Later that year, the Sino-Asian Alliance and The Western Defense Group meet to discuss the future of humanity on the planet Earth and the effect of the Mutzachans on the chances for humanity's survival. It is uncertain whether or not the visitors will be able to clean up the planet before the radiation annihilates humanity altogether. Mutzachans offer to trade technology for medicine. Mutzachans provide the Humans with vastly superior interstellar drive technology. Space vessel production booms. Telydyne Corporation is founded as a private corporation, devoted to cleaning up the planet Earth.
2059 A.D
Relations between the United Socialist States of America and the Mutzachans improve. The Greater Montana Desert, Wyoming, North Dakota, as well as South Dakota and the Idaho-Colorado Territories are ceded to the Mutzachans: the sovereign state of Trishcus is established.
2061 A.D
Colony ships depart from Mars for Sirius.
2063 A.D
New York State is declared a Radiation Free Zone. The Tower Project is set up on Whiteface Mountain to control the state's climate. Resettlement begins. Over the next 10 years, the Republic of Pennsylvania and Ohio, as well as the states of New Jersey, Vermont, and Massachusetts join the ranks of Radiation Free Zones. New York develops into the agricultural center of the world.
2063 A.D
Humans settle the AD Leonis star system.
2064 A.D
Disgruntled over perceived favoritism by the Mutzachans in cleaning up the North, Southern States secede from the Union and declare themselves the Southern Confederacy of America. They form an army which attacks up through Kentucky into Ohio in an effort to control farming. The Second American Civil War begins. Telydyne Corporation Headquarters is moved from Pittsburgh to Syracuse, NY. It develops a weapons division to produce weapons for defense against Confederate aggression. Confederate sympathizers revolt on Mars.
2065 A.D
In a surprise strike, Texas attacks the Mutzachans in Colorado. Texans ally themselves with the Southern Confederacy of America. Hundreds of Mutzachans are killed and 1/3 of the Idaho-Colorado Territory, and all of the New Mexico-Arizona Territory, falls. Confederate saboteurs blow up the spaceship Union Steel on the launch pad at the Mars Exploratory Launch Station.
2066 A.D
Mutzachans formally warn the Southern Confederacy of America to immediately cease hostilities against the sovereign state of Trishcus or face retaliation. General Hannibal "Stonewall" Jackson (a descendant of the original Stonewall Jackson) begins the Siege of Denver in late July. Three divisions surround the city. The Pan African Congress establishes diplomatic relations with the Southern Confederacy. Military weapons and equipment begin to flow into Atlanta and Miami. Union troops (as they have come to be known) counter attack with 4 divisions in Ohio.
2067 A.D
An army of 20 Mutzachans confronts and slaughters Stonewall's three divisions in a single night in February. A Mutzachan named Markuss leads the attack, then later acts as emissary for the Union delegation, demanding an unconditional surrender. The Pan African Congress officially declares war on the Mutzachans. In April, a radiation cloud settles over Pretoria, the center of operations for the African armies. All are lost. Miami is destroyed by a Cataclysm matrix in early June. The Southern Confederate States of America sue for peace and The Second Civil War ends.
2069 A.D
A top secret program between the United Socialist States of America, the Trans-Oceanic Defense Group, and the Mutzachans is undertaken to advance the exploration of space.
2075 A.D
The Gen Wars begin between the Humans and Genetic Humans. The war lasts 7 years. In the end, the Genetics Laws are passed and peace is established on Earth and its colonies.
2078 A.D
Phentari discover and enslave a race of humanoids called Kizanti in the Fornax Galaxy.
2086 A.D
With the aid of the Mutzachans, Humans and Gen-Humans build the first stargate orbiting Mars. Over the next 50 years, Humans build a massive space fleet and sweep out across the galaxies, colonizing hundreds of worlds, and encountering myriad alien races. Mutzachans supervise the expansion. The Human population explodes.
2088 A.D
The Earth colony ship Viking Landing finds vast mineral deposits on the fourth planet orbiting the star Leconis 9. This discovery is called the Second Gold Rush and public sentiment shifts to heavily support the exploration of space.
2089 A.D
The Earth Pact is signed by all nations, completely outlawing war. Mutzachans are given broad police powers to ensure that this decree is followed. Any country that carries out an act of war is to be destroyed. Earth begins conversion to a space-based industrial economy, driven by the desire to conquer the galaxy. The socialist party is removed from power in America because "we want it that way! We Americans are natural capitalist pigs! Oink! Oink!"
2090 A.D
The first Human exploration ships reach the Fornax galaxy. A base of operations is set up in Quadrant 1, Sector 1 for the exploration of those areas deemed significant. They settle the planet Naxtar and are subsequently attacked by Aeodronians. Construction of the first stargate is begun.
2091 A.D
Earthlings discover the Zen Rigeln in the 29 Orionis star system.
2092 A.D
Alliance forces battle the Aeodronians and gain control of the planet Dnar.
2095 A.D
Trade is established with the Xarians from the Magellanic Clouds. They were later determined to hold strong ties to the Arachnids.
2096 A.D
The third planet is settled in the Fornax galaxy at Evance, an agro-community established to support the colony at Naxtar.
2097 A.D
Construction of Starbase 396 is completed.
2100 A.D
The colonizing of Dnar begins. It will take 10 years to complete.
2102 A.D
The Galactic Alliance makes contact with the alien race of reptiles known as Dryeen.
2108 A.D
The 1st Arachnid Invasion begins. Millions die before it can be stopped over the Sea of Orion.
2108 A.D
The First Arachnid Invasion begins.
2109 A.D
A defense treaty is set up to protect the 12 most powerful races, and thus the Galactic Alliance is founded. Gen-Humans assume leadership of the Alliance with Mutzachans as arbitrators. The Council of Timar is moved to New Washington. Joint Eridani and Human fleets are dispatched to Virgo to battle the Arachnids on their own ground. Phentari, Cizerack, and Mutzachan units are held behind to protect the Core Worlds. The invasion is stopped with the loss of 13 warships, including the Earthling battle cruisers Valiant and Windsor, the heavy cruiser Choi Ling, the escort cruiser Providence, and destroyer Brazil.
2120 A.D
Imperialist elements within the central government push for expansion, and exploration begins all across the Local Group of galaxies.
2120 A.D
The first settlers in the Denderon Hemisphere subsector land at Destiny. All 150,000 "bite the big one" and die in the first month from some uncontrollable plague.
2121 A.D
Pirates spacejack a freighter convoy heading for Crossroads. This constitutes the first massive pirate attack against Alliance shipping.
2127 A.D
Eridani and Phentari border skirmishes breakout. A cease-fire is signed. The Council of Timar proves for the first time that it has true authority over all nations within the Alliance. Eridi-Corp is created to protect Swordsaint interests.
2130 A.D
Alliance forces battle the Tecreaseans and gain control of the planet Drenels.
2145 A.D
Dissension over government policies surfaces. Mass protests are held on the capital worlds of Earth and Katrel, as well as many other planets. Galactic-scale riots ensue.
2145 A.D
AMC and SSDC personnel engage in a short but bloody conflict over the rights to mine the mineral rich Asteroid 256, which comes to be known as Killing's Asteroid.
2145 A.D
Phentari patrol cruiser sights an unidentifiable alien vessel. Hailing frequencies are broadcasted. The ship simply vanishes.
2146 A.D
The Council of Timar arbitrates the dispute between the Asteroid Mining Consortium and Space Systems Development Corporation over the rights to Asteroid 256. It is divided up into equal halves.
2151 A.D
Mutzachans use the matrix Cataclysm to punish the Dnaron for their unrestricted use of nuclear weaponry.
2158 A.D
The first Ghost Planet is discovered at Clesis Idall.
2187 A.D
The first Rebel Uprising. Crack mercenary units disguised as operators of a freighter convoy capture Starbase Sunrise, along with its stargate. The insurgents demand political reform. Simultaneously, riots break out on dozens of planets across the Core Worlds. Military units respond and crush the Rebellion.
2193 A.D
Galactic Storm Troopers destroy the Rebel base on Kitchara of the Gamma Liporis star system.
2207 A.D
Ex-Marine Don Stefanie founds the Neo-Conservative Forum. The new movement flourishes, expounding, "Vote out all the Liberals."
2207 A.D
Rebels sabotage the Alpha Dallas Habitation Platform, which crashes to the surface of Uottre, killing 3,000,000.
2210 A.D
100 Chatilians are brutally murdered on the planet Regal by an extremist Gen Human cult. All the cult members later meet untimely deaths. The planet is later abandoned under the pretext that it is haunted.
2216 A.D
AMC discovers the largest vein of Ti-Tritium in the galaxies on the planet Nwaga of the Smaller Magellanic Clouds.
2224 A.D
An exploration fleet sent to explore the Carina Galaxy disappears without a trace.
2225 A.D
The Ering Crasb Planetoid explodes, killing its two billion inhabitants. No explanation for this, one of the worst disasters in Alliance history, is ever obtained.
2228 A.D
Eridi-Corp officials are brought up on charges of murdering some 5000 Phentari vacationers who landed on an Eridani planet. They are acquitted for lack of conclusive proof.
2229 A.D
A whole bunch of people were happy and no large quantities of life were lost this year!!!
2230 A.D
An Eridani colony ship picks up Tar Leprosy on Wellington 4 and unknowingly transports the disease across the sector.
2230 A.D
Humans discover the Sheustrons in the Fornax Galaxy.
2239 A.D
Telydyne sells off its non-profitable weapons division, which is restructured and eventually becomes the Balshrom Science Corporation, headquartered in the Fornax galaxy.
2240 A.D
Uncle Ernie links artificial intelligence to the brain and becomes the richest man in the universe.
2240 A.D
The second Aeodronian Incursion is launched all over the sector. Ground fighting is especially heavy. Balshrom does over 25,000,000,000,000cr worth of business this year and becomes one of the top ten mega-corporations. The height of this success is crowned by the production of the Balshrom Flux cannon, considered the first reliable Omega cannon. Multiple Telydyne officials are fired.
2247 A.D
After tremendous lobbying by Eridani and Phentari constituents, slave trade is legalized in the Fornax galaxy.
2248 A.D
The massive push to settle the Andromeda Galaxy begins.
2252 A.D
Balshrom Science Corporation becomes the number one arms producer in the known universe.
2253 A.D
The Second Arachnid Invasion begins. Crossroads is taken. Battles rage all along the Northern Ring. Battle Station Sing Sing is destroyed. It will later be rebuilt. Arachnid forces get by the Alliance defense lines and attack Transit in an effort to cut off the Northern Limits of the sector. The carrier Wasp is lost over Sculpface. For five years, battle rages all over the sector.
2255 A.D
A top secret bio-weapon facility is built on Auckland.
2255 A.D
The Second Rebel uprising begins.
2256 A.D
The Second Rebel uprising is put down at the Battle of Terasleague.
2256 A.D
Uncle Ernie turns sour over a dispute of licensing rights for genetic experiments. The Second Rebel Uprising occurs. It is put down at the Battle of Terasleague. Casualties total in excess of 5 million.
2257 A.D
The CNNS Hammer survives a surprise attack by Arachnids. The rest of her support ships are destroyed. Crippled, she limps back to port.
2257 A.D
The Second Arachnid Invasion ends as the Arachnids cease attacking despite holding a massive advantage over Alliance forces.
2258 A.D
The specialized maximum security prison is built on Brighton.
2258 A.D
A Dane materializes at the Council of Timar and speaks ominously of portending dangers. He claims that the Alliance shall be destroyed and then vanishes.
2259 A.D
The Alliance forces do battle with an alien race called Krakeds in the Andromeda Galaxy. After fierce fighting, a truce is signed.
2260 A.D
Nothing very special happened this year. The Bills lost again.
2261 A.D
The war between Aansalon and Rapiris begins. It will last for 10 years and hundreds of thousands will perish in the slaughter. In the end, both systems are reduced to rubble. Orion emigrants from the Core World settle in an unclaimed asteroid field which later becomes known as the Maze of Orion. Later on in the year, Pirates begin attacking Alliance shipping.
2265 A.D
2,500 Tza Zens are executed on the planet Katrel for treason against the state. Peaceful Zens demonstrate, demanding the perennial government step down.
2265 A.D
SSDC builds Stargate Horizon in the Ursa Major super cluster, some 200,000,000 light years from the Core Worlds.
2267 A.D
Professor Uncle Ernie Freiberg escapes from the maximum security prison at New Leavenworth and releases the Blood Warlock on New Washington which kills 2.5 million people. He then starts the Anarchist Rebellion Movement (ARM), designed to annihilate the Alliance by producing and dispersing dangerous life forms throughout the galaxies.
2268 A.D
Battlelords of the 23rd Century 50th edition is released. There are still tuns of typos. The affects won't be aperent for a couple of sentureys, PPleas esend all corrections to SameS@#tDiffrentCompanee, New Leavenworht worshop. Ask for the Fat Black pot Bellied Condor. He is working as the prison secretaryu? Ask for the new expanded typos index! Larrry is still using the same 286. His brain keeps being transplanted and is currently resdingg in a Ram Python.
2268 A.D
A Dane appears on the Floor of the Council of Timar for the second time. He claims, "Atlantis understood the threat and took measures to safeguard its own survival. Have you taken measures to ensure your own? Do not hastily assume your enemies."
2270 A.D
The Anarchist Rebellion Movement kills a million Humans and Eridani on the planet Nrell by dispersing a deadly virus into the upper atmosphere. Arachnid ships attack the Karamana battle station on the Northern Ring. The Ninth Fleet responds by attacking the Xarian planet of Kull. Xarians threaten full scale war, claiming that they had nothing to do with the attack. Diplomats meet on New Washington to diffuse the situation.
2271 A.D
The Incident at Lhoren kills oodles and oodles of people. The Xarians are implicated in the attack.
2272 A.D
The battlecruiser New Washington and her contingent of warships ambush and destroy an Arachnid mothership over Tau Ceti. Jaquassarious Phentari destroys the planet Sharron and becomes the number one wanted criminal in the galaxies.
2273 A.D
Arachnids obliterate the planets Salvador and Zwim Mon Damnax of the Andromeda galaxy. Reports claim that a third invasion may possibly be under way. The 7th fleet, lead by the carrier Enterprise is dispatched to the area.
2273 A.D
Fostering fears of a Third Arachnid Invasion, an AMC mining convoy is attacked and wiped out by four Arachnid scout ships. Curiously, they steal the cargo from the AMC ships. AMC denies they were transporting anything other than di-tritium ore. Galactic-X is rumored to be investigating.
2274 A.D
A special session of the Galactic Forum (The Alliance legislature) is convened to discuss the destruction of the planet Sharron by Jaquassarious Phentari. The action is condemned and a vote for a Death Note (unconditional bounty) is taken. The referendum is passed. Mutzachan and Phentari representatives abstain from voting.
2274 A.D
Survival Warrior is introduced to the Fornax Galaxies.
2275 A.D
Some twenty different Alliance vessels disappear without a trace. A special inquiry is set up to investigate these happenings. Uncle Ernie delivers a present to the planet Borneo in the form of a special biological weapon. All indigenous life perishes. He sends a message to the floor of the Council of Timar. "Hey, baby. Uncle Ernie loves you! By the way, that was only a trial size."
2275 A.D
Forays by the Sons of Destruction rack up 100 confirmed Arachnid kills in just 3 days with their new Balrog Humpty Dumpties. The picnic turned out well!
2275 A.D
The exploration ship Perestroika disappears in the Crab Nebula.
2276 A.D
Apparent evidence to support the existence of Atlantis is covered up by conservative elements of the Alliance.
2278 A.D
Chainguns are made illegal on most tech level 3 and lower worlds.
2278 A.D
The mysterious exploding planet virus strikes again, this time destroying the world of Ampyria and virtually all of its 1,000,000 inhabitants!
2279 A.D
Base station Enigma disappears without a trace, only to be discovered hurling through space in the Leo galaxy. None of the more than 5,000 assigned personnel were ever recovered.

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