Tza Zen Rigeln

[za zen rye-jeln]

Tza Zen Rigeln's Quote

They don't understand me, and I have been banished from society just because I made a mistake. Of course I wish to help others, but there are times when killing is justified. There is a time for all things to die. It is a travesty to live by rigid codes of honor that are hypocritical by their very nature. Rules are made as guidelines to be followed, not as absolutes. There is a warrant out for my arrest and I am to be murdered by those who claim that killing is the ultimate evil. The Zen are corrupt. Me, I don't live in a fantasy world where things are perfect.

General Knowledge

There exist rogue Zen Rigeln called the Tza Zen Rigeln. The Tza Zen possess the same abilities as the Zen, but are the anti-healers, often seeking to destroy life, rather than preserve it. The Tza Zen are otherwise identical to their counterparts, except that the Tza Zen are often evil and have a high aggression. Tza reverse the power of their matrices to cause harm instead of good. They don't normally wear their power colors, opting instead to remain anonymous. The word "Tza" means "perverse" in Zen.


The Council of Assizza is the ruling body on the planet Katrel. The government is a democracy and the elected officials must have mastered the level of the Hand of Assizza. As the first act of the convening council the members join together and generate a powerful version of the Temple of Healing, before carrying out business matters. This is done to ensure the safety of its members and gain the blessings of Assizza on the council's decisions.


The Tza society consists of underground cults, meeting secretly to teach each other new powers. Many of them dabble in matrix perversion and studies of the dead. Most Tzas would never betray another Tza for they understand what it is to be hunted. Tza Zens don't always kill just for the sake of killing. Most "purify" only when necessary.


The Zen Rigeln have had the most peaceful of all histories. Their history is an existence of spiritual evolution; "Material greed is the bane that fuels the fire of war." They entered the Age of Prosperity in 1322 B.C. It lasted for 900 years. During this time, all Zen children were taught the Umog Radni Vishili (Power of Summoning). There was very little strife, only the tran quil peace of those who understand the value of life. It wasn't until 222 B.C. that the first Tza began to disrupt life on the planet Katrel.

The Zen Rigeln never developed any type of space travel and were at peace when the Gen-Humans discovered them in 2091 A.D.


Healers are twice as likely to become addicted to BRIs as all other races. The effect of the drug is otherwise the same.


The Zen spend up to 10 hours a day meditating on the universe and their place in it.


Zen Rigeln have blue blood. They look hauntingly like skeletons, and live to be 400 years old. Zen Rigeln stand 2.1 - 2.4 m, and weight 81 - 127 kg.

Favorite Item

Zens don't normally keep objects of endearment.


Healers wear long flowing robes. Like the Mutzachan, they take offense to anyone who intentionally steps on their train.


A Zen spends much of his life meditating in his temple. The Zen sets up a temple anywhere he goes. The abode need not have walls. It is measured by the size of the Corang (worship rug) that the Zen carries.


Zen prefer to medicate in an empty white room. The walls are sparse with family artifacts.

Combat Tactics

Most healers don't carry offensive weapons. If they do carry guns, they opt to use them only as a defensive measure.

General Occupation

The Zen are usually hired as medical technicians or doctors. They are hired by all races to heal the sick and dying.

Favorite Foods

Zen love tofu. What else!


Zen keep a small flock of Difk, similar to the Earth dove.

Cruelty Towards Animals: There are many healers who have been labeled by the Zen government as Tza, or perverse. Many are Zens who have made errors in judgement and are good by their very nature. There are, however, those who are purely and utterly evil. These are real Tza Zen and only represent a small part of the Tza Zen underworld. Many Tza feel powerless, and act out the need for control by injuring others. Often as not, they aren't in a dominant position and will take out their frustrations on animals. Tza Zen are known for their cruelty towards defenseless creatures, torturing and killing innocent animals in order to feel good about themselves. This doesn't sit well with most of the other races, with the exception of Phentari, who also derive pleasure from hurting the weak and helpless. Furthermore, the anti-healers are known for carrying out bizarre rituals before slaying the things and often write strange runes in blood near the torture site. (Please never hurt anything in real life. All of God's creatures deserve the right to live!).

Skaraike: A chemical imbalance in the mind causes Skaraike to become outwardly hostile without provocation during any new encounter. Thus, Skaraike have been labeled as Tza Zen by the government. Many Skaraike have sought out medical assistance, which is not available for those who are considered terminally ill. Skaraike have difficulty learning because of long term memory lapses. Skaraike demonstrate pronounced empathic skills and have been placed under protection by the Chatilian government.

Tza Zen Rigeln appears in:

Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century

Tza Zen Rigeln

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Sample Names

Blood Loss, Kronoth, Spite, Vicor "The Cruel"

Home World/System:

Katrel, 29 Orionis

View on Alliance:

It can be utilized to further my studies. I wish it followed a more potent policy on genocide.

View on Family:

The Zen nation has wronged me. My own people banish me for what I am. So what good is family?

View on Life:

I like making sculptures of others by mending their bones into interesting shapes and configurations.

View on Self:

I am the Reaver. I destroy things which have no purpose. I often derive pleasure from someone else's pain, but I have been wrongfully driven to such acts.

View on Universe:

The universe is impure in its genetic makeup. I shall dispose of the weak and worthless.

View on War:

It cleanses the environment of inferior species.

Notable Statements

Whoops! He died. Oh well.

I don't mind operating without anesthesia.

Looks like we lost another one.

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