Zen Rigeln

[zen rye-jeln]

Zen Rigeln's Quote

We live the way of one who has suffered, as did Assizza, the creator of the Zen, some 1000 years before. Ours is to heal the universe, to ensure the well-being of all living things. This is Zen destiny. Pain and suffering plague the universe like some disease. I must put back together the broken bodies of war, the tortured souls of conflict. My life is equal in worth to others only so far as I am willing to risk it to help others who have been less fortunate. I understand the value of life. This, by its very nature, makes me different. All things should be allowed to flourish and grow to fulfill their own destinies.

The death and destruction of the universe today hurts more than people can imagine. Those who cause the suffering often laugh at me when I cry tears of anguish for those I can not save. To live is to experience pain, and reducing the pain of others is the only way to justify being alive.

General Knowledge

The Zen Rigeln are the most beloved race of the Galactic Alliance. They possess the power of healing and are much sought after as battlefield medical technicians and domestic doctors. They hold life in the highest regard, abstaining from violence unless absolutely necessary. Most Zen are lawful Alliance citizens, although some have joined the Rebels.

Through intense internal concentration, the Zen Rigeln is capable of harnessing psychic energy, which he uses as a tool to heal injured individuals. The Zen places his hands on the injured area and begins to chant softly to himself, channeling a matrix of power. A Healer is also capable of generating certain matrix types which enable him to deter mine the extent of injuries. At high levels of proficien cy, the Zen can perform incredible feats such as brain surgery.

Most commoners are willing to go out of their way to help a Zen in need. Zen are very visible, opting to always wear the colors of their current power level, typically a long ornate robe. Any Zen that doesn't wear his power color is automatically ostracized from society and labeled as a traitor. This does not necessarily mean that the Zen is a bad person, but only that he has broken the sanctity of Zen law and tradition. It is also illegal by Galactic Law for any matrix controller not to wear his colors. Those individuals labeled traitor for any reason are called Tza Zen.

Many Zen see the Alliance as an evil empire and work for the Rebels in order to overthrow it. The Zen have no known enemies, other than the Tza Zens and distant relatives called Sye-Men.


The Council of Assizza is the ruling body on the planet Katrel. The government is a democracy and the elected officials must have mastered the level of the Hand of Assizza. As the first act of the convening council the members join together and generate a powerful version of the Temple of Healing, before carrying out business matters. This is done to ensure the safety of its members and gain the blessings of Assizza on the council's decisions.


The Zen culture is characterized by non-violence. Almost all Zen follow the teachings of Assizza and do their best to cure those who do not. Zen Rigeln are self righteous and tend to proselytize. Healers live in a communal society that advocates complete pacifism.


The Zen Rigeln have had the most peaceful of all histories. Their history is an existence of spiritual evolution; "Material greed is the bane that fuels the fire of war." They entered the Age of Prosperity in 1322 B.C. It lasted for 900 years. During this time, all Zen children were taught the Umog Radni Vishili (Power of Summoning). There was very little strife, only the tran quil peace of those who understand the value of life. It wasn't until 222 B.C. that the first Tza began to disrupt life on the planet Katrel.

The Zen Rigeln never developed any type of space travel and were at peace when the Gen-Humans discovered them in 2091 A.D.


Healers are twice as likely to become addicted to BRIs as all other races. The effect of the drug is otherwise the same.


The Zen spend up to 10 hours a day meditating on the universe and their place in it.


Zen Rigeln have blue blood. They look hauntingly like skeletons, and live to be 400 years old. Zen Rigeln stand 2.1 - 2.4 m, and weight 81 - 127 kg.

Favorite Item

Zens don't normally keep objects of endearment.


Healers wear long flowing robes. Like the Mutzachan, they take offense to anyone who intentionally steps on their train.


A Zen spends much of his life meditating in his temple. The Zen sets up a temple anywhere he goes. The abode need not have walls. It is measured by the size of the Corang (worship rug) that the Zen carries.


Zen prefer to medicate in an empty white room. The walls are sparse with family artifacts.

Combat Tactics

Most healers don't carry offensive weapons. If they do carry guns, they opt to use them only as a defensive measure.

General Occupation

The Zen are usually hired as medical technicians or doctors. They are hired by all races to heal the sick and dying.

Favorite Foods

Zen love tofu. What else!


Zen keep a small flock of Difk, similar to the Earth dove.

Butt-Naked: Zen believe that the body is a temple of beauty. It is a thing to be admired. All creatures have value, and are majestic in form and function. The body is a thing to behold and shouldn't be concealed. Thus, many Zen feel that nudity is the only way to properly show off the body. It's just wrong; a bunch of freaky, skeletal looking dudes, wandering around in their naturals! Eridani think this sort of behavior is repugnant. Ram Pythons and Cizerack aren't offended, but Humans, Gen-Humans, Chatilians, Mutzachans, and many of the other races believe that such an act is embarrassing. Laws have been passed to prevent Zens from acting so, but this is only perfunctory legislation designed to satisfy the politicians. Zen are forced to wear a transparent negligee called a Fluma which really doesn't hide anything at all!

Arts and Crafts: Bringing your easel to the combat zone is ridiculous! Zen are big on the arts and crafts and believe that life is a beautiful thing that should be captured in every form imaginable. Expression is the only appropriate way to articulate life, and life is an invaluable gift (not one's own life, but rather everybody's life). Each Zen chooses his own method of celebrating living, be it through painting, sculpting, singing, dancing, etc. When a passionate moment consumes him, a Zen will respond in the manner of his choosing. It is therefore not unusual for a healer to begin singing opera during combat!

Zen Rigeln

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Sample Names

Ashlidene, Oda, Piclifir, Prithe, Ryner, Shrayalzzid Damadec, Zian

Home World/System:

Katrel, 29 Orionis

View on Alliance:

This body serves a good purpose, though a more peaceful means should be employed to achieve its goals.

View on Family:

We are all family.

View on Life:

This is the most precious commodity and must be preserved whatever the cost.

View on Self:

I am the preserver of life. I only take mercenary employment to aid the wounded.

View on Universe:

It is breathtaking and majestic.

View on War:

The greatest abomination.

Notable Statements

I am your humblest servant.

I believe the purest emotion is that of love.

The greatest love is the love of others.

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