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Beyond the Rift

Summary » alternate campaign setting


Mystery has always surrounded the Mortaran Rift. Many have entered, but no one has returned unscathed. The Alliance mega-corporations want to exploit the secrets of the Rift, and in exchange for massive compensation, many Battlelords have accepted the challenge of discovering what lies beyond the Rift. Grab your package and jump through.

Beyond the Rift is an entire campaign setting beyond the boundaries of known Alliance space. Use the setting, or pluck out anything you like and drop it into your own universe. Beyond the Rift provides seven new player races, dozens of new weapon systems, lots of scenario ideas, and plenty more. If your characters want to take their turn as "Rift Runners", then here is everything you need.


"A wonderful expansion into a whole new set of adventures, with new races and goodies the player will find new and exciting."

"Beyond the Rift is a setting supplement that could easily stand alone as a gaming universe in its own right. The rich detail is what you would expect from any Battlelords product. This supplement an ideal resource for a sci-fi game with built-in limits to the character's equipment, which I feel lends itself to better roleplaying. The physical layout is consistent the newest Battlelords rulebook which makes it easy to cross-reference and locate any information."
- Steve Garrett

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