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Galactic Underground 3

Summary » Alliance military, new IWJGU, and new matrices


Continuing the tradition that started with Galactic Underground and was established with Galactic Underground 2, the Galactic Underground 3 hands over a new plethora of material to expand your game. Everyone remembers the guns, so we just keep trucking in the background material.

Galactic Underground 3 includes:

  • Descriptions of the top 50 Alliance Corporations and details on workin' for The Man.
  • Learn what it's like to join the Alliance military or enter the secret world of Galactic X.
  • Race specific "I Was Just Growing Up" tables; nearly 1,000 random anecdotes to flesh out your new character.
  • New matrices for Ikrini, Jezzadei, and Sye-Men.


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Price: $15.95
SKU: 1001

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