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Lock-N-Load: Weapons & Tactics

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Weapons. Lots of them.

It's what Lock-N-Load: Weapons & Tactics is all about. Over the eons all of the sentient races in the universe have come up with a myriad of ways to slaughter their fellow sentient. Whether it's a piece of chipped flint or an Abomination Omega Cannon, they've all held the same purpose: make the other guy do what you want or get rid of him permanently; By the late twenty-third century the science of killing has risen to a veritable art form. Never before has it been so easy to turn thine enemy into a smoking, greasy memory with barely the push of a button; sometimes merely a thought! Whether you like to work close with a blade, or reach to the horizon with a Gauss Rifle, it's all here for you; over 600 different weapons. Any Battlelord can find the perfect tool for the job. So don't wait and load up today!

Here is just a sample of what is in Lock-N-Load: Weapons & Tactics:

  • Bargain Basement Lasers
  • Thermatics
  • Omega Cannons
  • Killer Satellites
  • Pulse Automatic Weapons
  • Frost Guns
  • Compact Artillery
  • Mag Guns
  • Personal Nuclear Weapons
  • Grenade Machineguns


"Lock-N-Load: Weapons & Tactics is the weapons supplement for Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century. But even if you're not playing Battlelords, if you want a huge variety of sci-fi weapons, this is the best I've personally seen."
- RPGnet

"War is Hell, and this book supplies everything you will need to ensure you're walking out the other end and not the bad guy. The verity of weapons found in this book ranges for the simple blade to technology that just boggles the mind and puts the glint in the warmongering players eye."

"Hands down the best collection of futuristic weaponry found in the RPG world. If you play Battlelords, you need this book."
- Matt "Wheels" Whelehan

"If you play other games, you need this book. I've used this book with other sci-fi games like Shadowrun and Cyberpunk."

"This book has so many options for you pick from. Variety in every way imaginable, lot of weapon types and ton's of choices within every category. It's enough to make you drool and wish you could buy most of them."
- Robert Smith

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