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No Man's Land

Summary » adventure hooks and planetary atlas


Beyond the cozy confines of the Alliance core worlds lie a buffet of planets known as No Man's Land. You never know what you'll find next on the frontier; be it just some bothersome Battlelord wannabe or the Anarchists. Visit an asteroid mining station, or delve into the Black Market. Every day is a new adventure when you travel to No Man's Land.

No Man's Land provides a cornucopia of material. Over 140 planets are detailed within; you will find something for any campaign. Three new player races: amphibious Aeodronians, narcoleptic seer Misha, and the mysterious Sye-Men with the power to raise the dead. Enhance your campaign with contact networks, spaceport services, and planetary defenses. No Man's Land hands you a pile of adventure hooks, you just need to stir in the imagination.


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